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Adam Bodnar pleased with the Supreme Court's judgment about the Lodz printer – PCh24.pl

Ombudsman Adam Bodnar said he welcomed the Supreme Court's ruling on the Lodz printer. The court dismissed Zbigniew Ziobro's cassation and confirmed the printer's judgment to refuse to print material promoting homosexuality and HBT ideology.

The Lodz printer's high-profile problem has been discontinued. The Supreme Court ruled that the accused owed but did not fine him. Thus, the court refused Zbigniew Ziobro's cassation. The case with Adam J. has been ongoing since 2017 when he refused the HBT Biznes Forum Foundation to print promotional material. In the e-mail he included the following message: "I refuse to dissolve the received graphics. We do not help promote HBT movements through our work."

The Supreme Court's decision was welcomed by Adam Bodnar, Ombudsman. "The Supreme Court ruling confirms that the service provider is not entitled to categorize or select customers solely on the basis of their personal characteristics. In exceptional cases, the conscience and religion deny the refusal to provide a service but it is not an exceptional case to print a role with the logo of a foundation "- he wrote in a statement

Adam Bodnar believes that the freedom to enter into agreements can be limited to" prevention of discrimination and protection against inequal treatment. " However, according to Bartosz Lewandowski, from the Ordo Iuris Institute, the Supreme Court's decision does not resolve all matters of this kind and does not bind them in the issuance of judgments. "It refers to a special cessation procedure, and it is regulated by its own rules" ̵

1; says lawyer Lewandowski in a conversation with the portal wpolityce.pl. "You can not treat today's decision as a judiciary," he adds.

According to lawyers from the Ordo Iuris Institute, the Supreme Court gave a dangerous precedent: interpretation of art. 138 of the Code of Misdemeanors, applied by the District Court of Łódź, is extremely dangerous for the freedom of economic activity and conscience, guaranteed in Articles 20, 22 and 53. 1 in the Republic of Poland's Constitution

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