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500 plus for holidays. Is the sale of travel vouchers legal?

ZUS and owners of tourist facilities can not check if someone is using another travel book – warns Praw.pl. The portal emphasized that the law of 500 plus holidays is full of gaps.

tourist Coupon The 500 plus holiday is available from 1 August. The new benefit in the form of an electronic coupon is available to every child in the family. To use it, you must log in to the PUE ZUS platform and activate the electronic coupon.

Shortly after the launch of the new government program, many coupon sale offers appeared on the web. The Department of Development and the Polish Tourism Organization (POT) warned against using such offers. In addition, officials stress that it is illegal to sell travel vouchers. Is that really so?

500 plus for holidays. Selling travel vouchers

The Law.pl website gives alarms about gaps in the PUE ZUS system, through which the tourist voucher 500 plus is served.

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Neither hotel owners, organizers of a tourist event nor ZUS itself have the tools to verify the credibility of the person using the coupon. Payment with a coupon is made using a code that the recipient receives after activating the coupon on PUE ZUS.

The system enables several data changes, such as telephone number or e-mail address. – As far as I know, the Polish tourism organization will launch an electronic mailbox to which reports of irregularities would be sent, which would then be forwarded to the police, but that is all that can be done – emphasized the portal’s informant from ZUS.

PTO only has tools to control the companies that accept coupon payments – not the recipients themselves. – In accordance with the law, POT verifies entrepreneurs with whom the Polish tourist voucher can be redeemed and also publishes a list of entrepreneurs on its websites – explained Grzegorz Cendrowski, spokesman for the Polish tourist organization, in an interview with Law.pl.

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According to the lawyer Maciej Śledź from the law firm Nowosielski in Partnerzy, the documents on travel vouchers are also indefinitely the responsibility for donating or selling vouchers. – The provisions of the act are not sufficiently precise in this regard and they do not prohibit sales or donations, and, further, do not penalize, ie do not indicate criminal law provisions that would impose criminal liability for this type of action – he stressed in an interview with Praw. pl.

Jadwiga Emilewicz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Aid, in the air on Polskie Radio 24, when asked about travel vouchers on the Internet, replied that these were isolated cases and the Ministry of Development monitored the situation.

– This trade is not at all common. We have already taken measures to prevent this illegal practice, said the Minister for Development Aid. She reminded that “the coupon can not be spent on anything other than what is stated in the law”.


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