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PM Update: Accumulate snow well into the evening. Clearing out but staying cool for Monday.

* Winter storm warning for the entire area until midnight | Total snowfall | School Closures *

Most of us have about 4.5 to 7.5 inches of snow on the ground by 4 pm, enough to make this the biggest snowstorm in Washington since January's snowstorm in 201

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Bands of Light for moderate rainfall over the next few hours will release another inch or two (even three inches on some spots) before everything finally ends after midnight. We all fall under freezing tonight, so everything will be frozen or frozen, leaving untreated surfaces slippery through Monday morning.

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Tits love to play in the snow, via Flickr. (wolfpackWX)

Tomorrow (Monday): The temperature begins during freezing everywhere, so expect smart untreated surfaces. It gets most sunny, with continued cold conditions. The heights come out in the mid 30's with a light north wind at 5 mph. Partly cloudy and cold tomorrow evening with low levels in low to mid-20s.

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Beginning of a snowy pattern? The risk of threatening unrealistic hype suggests that model guidance can be a cold and snowy end to January for the east coast. After spending much of the last month with above average temperatures, the weekend's blizzard could signal the beginning of a pattern change.

The next chance on a winter storm in the coast comes exactly one week from now. Another moisture-laden low pressure system will trace across the southeastern United States, probably rebuilding to a coastal low somewhere along the east coast. There should be plenty of cold air around also to ensure that this hypothetical storm would contain frozen precipitation.

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