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Pixel 4 release: New Google phone design and features revealed in major leaks than

Pixel 4 is the next premium smartphone from Google, originally announced in June.

Then Mountain View published a picture of the back of the phone – it was shown with a new, square camera system on its back.

In addition, the hardware also seemed to ditch the signature two-color design from previous pixels in favor of a single tone and texture.

Google has also confirmed that the Pixel 4 comes with a bezel at the top that will house advanced technology to unlock the face.

It is expected that Pixel 4, and probably a larger Pixel 4 XL, will be revealed sometime during the month of October – the same time of year as all previous pixels have been revealed.

However, prior to its adopted debut, it seems that a leak has gone over the front design, colors and features of the unit.

Earlier this week, XDA developers saw images of Weibo that looked like Pixel 4's array of RAM and zoom features.

It looks like the new Google device will boast 6GB of RAM this year, 2GB more than Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

This should prevent the product from experiencing memory management issues that were prominent on Google devices 201


Above all, it seems that Pixel 4 will be able to zoom in up to eight times with the camera's array.

The phone has been tipped to get a primary and telephoto lens – it is unknown whether the Magnification shown uses optical technology, digital or a hybrid of both.

That being said, the addition of a dedicated telephoto lens can allow Pixel 4 to outperform its predecessor in zooming.

It also seems new Google devices will also create a new "motion mode" for their camera designed to take better "action shots", according to 9to5Google.

The outlet also insisted, citing a reliable source, that Pixel 4 will boast improvements to Google's signature Night Sight feature.

Two of the newest leaks for Pixel 4 have not only apparently revealed its front and rear parts completely, but also a new orange color that it could debut in.

Alleged images of a Pixel 4 pair appeared on Reddit – both were exhibited with the screens turned on.

It seems that the unit will have minimal frames all over the bar a thicker edge at the top.

Again, the phone was displayed with a square camera module on its back.

The latest leaks of Pixel 4 will surely be enough to get Android fans incredibly excited about the phone's expected launch next month.

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