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Philo now supports Google Chromecast

Philo announced today that the Philo Android app is now Chromecast enabled. The update gives subscribers wider access to the streaming service’s channel fixing by allowing them to throw content to their connected devices.

Chromecast support on Android devices is the first step in Philo Connect, an attempt to let users throw content from a mobile device to any supported Chromecast or Chromecast TV. Philo plans to add Philo Connect to more devices in the future, including iOS, Fire TV, Roku and the web. The feature will be launched in the coming weeks, says a spokesman for Philo.

“Chromecast support has been one of our most requested features, enabling subscribers to play Philo content on TV screens. We wanted to go beyond just Chromecast support to create a better way to seamlessly watch content on everyone your devices, a feature we call Philo Connect, ”said Andrew McCollum, CEO of Philo.

“At Philo, every addition to our product is reviewed and tested to provide real value to our subscribers,”

; said Product Manager Devon Ray Williams. “We took the time to build Philo Connect to expand our experience to support synchronized viewing on all your devices, not just Chromecast. Today’s launch has laid the foundation for us to support social viewing and watching party between multiple users, no matter where they are. “

Philo has recently added getTV and INSP to its channel set, followed by the addition of TV One. The streaming service now offers 61 channels including Discovery, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, Comedy Central and more for $ 20 / month.

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