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With Galaxy Note 20’s extended Windows support, you can control phone apps on your PC

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  • Samsung has expanded its Windows 10 integration with the Galaxy Note 20.
  • You can control mobile apps on your computer with your phone and sync notes with OneNote.
  • Microsoft Outlook is also the default email app for Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung’s integration with Windows 10 will be tightened with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 20. The smartphone maker has expanded its Microsoft partnership with features that should make it much easier to work with content on your phone.

The most important thing is that your phone now allows you to control Note 20’s mobile apps directly from your computer. You currently have to run one at a time (support for multiple apps will come later in 2020), but it may work in one window along with other desktop apps. This can be helpful if you need to follow up a conversation in a messaging app, or just want to run something that has little or no PC support.

Notatakers will also appreciate an upcoming upgrade. Samsung Notes will soon be syncing your blueprints with your OneNote feed in Outlook on the Web or via OneNote as an image. You can see your notes from a class or meeting on your PC moments after you have written them.

Samsung Reminders are also synced with Windows 10 via Microsoft Outlook, Teams and To Do.

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And yes, the connection between Samsung phones and Xbox games is improving. The Xbox Game Pass app will be available from Samsung’s Galaxy Store on September 15 to access content and stream games with Project xCloud. If you pre-order the Galaxy Note 20, there is an option for a Gaming Bundle that includes three months of Game Pass Ultimate and a PowerA MOGA XP5-X controller. You must live in one of 22 cloud-friendly markets (including North America, Europe or South Korea) to take advantage of this.

The expansion also goes beyond smartphones. Galaxy Watch 3 will use Outlook as its original e-app, which will help you keep track of work (and beyond) from your wrist. This will probably not be the deciding factor in choosing a Samsung watch over options, but it can be helpful if you are already deep into the Microsoft ecosystem.

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