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Street Fighter 5 Season 5 DLC Characters Announced: Dan, Rose, Oro

Street Fighter 5 gets five new characters, four of which were announced on Wednesday as part of Capcom’s summer update for its flagship fighting game. Season 5 for street fighter 5: Champion Edition will take back Dan Hibiki, Rose and Oro from previous Street Fighter games, as well as introduce Akira from Capcom’s Rival Schools series.

Dan, who debuted in the Street Fighter Alpha series, will be the first new character to appear Street Fighter 5 during season 5. He will be released sometime this winter. Street Fighter 5 game director Takayuki Nakayama showed off development material by Dan in a mirror match, threw his brand̵

7;s weak fireballs and performed other underpowered moves. Nakayama and his co-host, producer Shuhei Matsumoto, spoke out about Dan’s ghost movement several times during a livestream and teased something humorous to look forward to.

And returning from the Street Fighter Alpha franchise is Rose, the fighter who most recently appeared in Street Fighter 4. Rose is previously in development and will be released in the spring of 2021, according to Capcom’s development plan.

In the summer of 2021 comes Oro, the one-armed hermit who debuted in Street Fighter 3 (and has not been playable in a new game since Street Fighter 3: Third Strike), and Akira Kazama, who first appeared in Rival Schools: United By Fate, Capcom’s 3D fighting game from 1997. Street Fighter’s Sakura was a part of Rival schools“watch list, tie the two fighting game franchises together.

The fifth fighter to come Street Fighter 5The fifth and final season is still a mystery. But they will be released in the fall of 2021, Capcom said. Here’s a look at the game’s development plan:

The development plan for Street Fighter 5 season 5

Image: Capcom

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, the latest version of the four-year-old fighting game, is now available for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It includes all 40 characters released so far Street Fighter 5.

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