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New materials enhance high-performance telescopes in astronomy

Covestro collaborates with the National Institute for Astrophysics in Italy (INAF) to improve the performance of astronomical instruments through holographic optical elements.

Covestro has used Bayfol HX photopolymer films, which have proven to be ideal for reproducible production of highly efficient volume holograms in high performance telescopes for new spectrometers.

This allows periodic refractive index patterns to be flexibly inscribed in the volume of Bayfol HX films using an appropriate laser exposure setting.

Alessio Zanutta, Project Manager for Holography at INAF, said: "Unlike the materials used previously and available for the production of diffraction grids and their limitations on machining, volume holograms based on Bayfol FX allow a wide range of diffraction grating geometry and very high combinatorial geometry integration with other optical elements. "

" It opens the door to the realization of brand new spectrometers. For example, INAF has already managed to introduce the film into observatories worldwide with several instruments each in five high-performance telescopes. "

" The oldest holographic optical element produced in this way has worked reliably for over eight years. "[1

9659002] Friedrich-Karl Bruder, director of application development for holography at Covestro, said:" Our photopolymer films can be successfully used in demanding applications such as spectrometers in high-performance telescopes for astronomy, and they are of course particularly suitable for many consumer applications. ”

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