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New cases of Covid include 245 pregnant patients

At least 245 pregnant patients were confirmed to be positive for Covid-19, the Department of Health (DOH) said, as the Philippines registered 3,462 new infections on Wednesday, bringing the total to 115,980.

From 16 August to 05 August, DOH also recovered 223 recoveries. The total number of recovered patients has also increased to 66,270.

To protect pregnant patients, DOH stated that under the Department Memorandum 2020-0261 entitled Interim Guidelines for Continuous Providence of Maternal Health Services under the Covid -19 Pandemic, there are service regulations for them.

“All pregnant patients are advised to have a telemedicine primary care facility, if available,”

; said DOH.

An asymptomatic pregnant woman with close contact must undergo quarantine at home for 14 days or to a temporary treatment and monitoring facility (TTMF) for quarantine for 14 days.

Symptomatic pregnancy (mildly classified as suspected, probable or confirmed) Covid-19 cases should be referred to TTMF for 14-day isolation or Level 1 hospital or hospital care or home care with the approval of the patient’s treating physician; symptomatically pregnant (severely or critically classified as suspected, probable or confirmed) or symptomatic pregnant mildly classified as suspected, probable or confirmed case of Covid-19 and with any co-morbidities should proceed to Covid-19 Referral Hospital or Covid-19 accept Level 2 or Level 3 hospital.

For clinically recovering pregnant suspects, probable or confirmed cases of Covid-19 pending the end of the quarantine period can be accommodated in all hospital care level 1 or TTMF selected for discontinuation.

At the same time, 2,919 (84 percent) of the 3,462 reported cases occurred today during the last 14 days (July 23-August 5, 2020).

The best regions with falls in the last two weeks were NCR (2,083 or 71 percent), Region 4A (299 or 10 percent) and Region 3 (96 or 3 percent).

Nine deaths were reported. There were 2,123 people who died from the disease.

Of the nine deaths, 8 (89 percent) occurred in July and 1 (11 percent) in June. Deaths were from National Capital Region (4 or 44 percent) Region 7 (4 or 44 percent) and Region 11 (1 or 11 percent)

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