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In pictures: All Miss Universe 2018 national costumes

In pictures: All Miss Universe 2018 National Costumes

Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo (philstar.com) – December 11, 2018 – 15:12

(Updated, first published at 10:44) Which country will be heard as the best of the year in national costume?

There were 93 countries competing for the title at the National Costume Show at the 67th Miss Universe Beauty Festival held December 10th in Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand.

Albania: with flag colors red and black, designed by the contestant himself. (AFP)

Angola: Represents a region known for its diamonds. (AFP)

Argentina: The crystalline garbage is based on the country's national flower. (AFP)

Armenia: The white embroidered satin is based on the capital's national costumes. (Miss Universe)

Aruba: inspired by the country's largest carnival event. (Miss Universe)

Australia. Inspired by the national flower. (AFP)

Bahamas: shows pineapple from a Bahamas island. (AFP)

Barbados: Based on fly fishing. (AFP)

Belgium: This design dress is made of fabrics and springs that form the three Belgian colors – yellow, red and black, two-pound crystal crystals. (AFP)

Belize: Ispired by Maya Sun Good, voted by three options presented to fans on social media. (AFP)

Bolivia: Inspired by the world's largest salt flats; The headdress represents the crystallization of salt. (Miss Universe)

Brazil: inspired by the Amazon goddess becoming a bird; The candidate's advocate for environmental protection, made of thousands of feathers and took three months to do. (AFP)

Brazil's suit becomes a bird. (Miss Universe / screenshot)

British Virgin Islands: Represents the Lifestyle of the Island – Turquoise Water, Soft Temperature, Good Food, and People's Resilience. (AFP)

Bulgaria: Inspired by a tribal costume dating back to 6000 BC (AFP)

Cambodia: took over 60 days to create, inspired by the Kingdom, with a background map showing famous landmark Angkor Wat. (AFP)

Canada: costume called Queen of Make Believe, inspired by maple leaves. (AFP)

Cayman Islands: Sunny body suit with crystals representing the sea and the three stars of the national flag. The dress is lit by LED lights. (AFP)

Chile: represents an American Indian tribe who was originally nomadic hunter collectors. (AFP)

China: Inspired by Chinese drama series characterized by fast masks. (AFP)

Colombia: Inspired by national flower, costume made by native tribe. (AFP)

Costa Rica: Butterfly representing all women. (AFP)

Croatia: inspired by green valleys and fields in the countryside. (AFP)

uracao: Triumph of Sablika Free Women's Trained Women, Women's Authorization. (AFP)

Czech Republic: Based on flag colors – red, white and blue, (AFP)

Denmark: inspired by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is the snow queen. (AFP)

Dominican Republic: Based on unique species in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. (AFP)

Ecuador: Amazon's flora and fauna. (AFP)

Egypt: Modernized version of Pharaoh's female strength, in gold and turquoise. (AFP)

El Salvador: Based on a pre-Columbian festival with 500 years of history. (AFP)

Finland: This handmade suit in Finnish white represents women. . (AFP)

France: Red, white and blue flag colors, in bikini crying out to Corsica, decorated with the emblems of the World Cup trophy. (AFP)

Georgia: Traditional-style dress worn by women from the high society; White means the purity of women. (Ms. Universe Organization)

Germany: represents the pigeon of peace. (AFP)

Ghana: war queen representing solar and earth connection. (AFP)

UK: Represents Suffragettes, which marks their 100th anniversary this year. (AFP)

Greece: Copy of a queen rock. (AFP)

Guam: Based on National Flower – Bougainvillea. (AFP)

Guatemala: Based on Mayan architecture and civilization and Mayan calendar. (AFP)

Haiti: Inspired by the country's amazing weather and carnival creativity. (AFP)

Honduras: inspired by Sta. Barbara deep blue oceans. (AFP)

Hungary: designer, embroidered since the Middle Ages. (AFP)

Iceland: Based on a wildflower. (AFP)

India: a warrior princess symbolizing women's empowerment and diversity. The costume weighs 105 pounds. (AFP)

Indonesia: Paradise Bird. (AFP)

Ireland: Clover LED wings for love and equality. (Miss Universe Organization)

Israel: An abstract of the national image and landmarks. (AFP)

Jamaica: based on Olympic legends. (AFP)

Japan: Female ninja, which turns into Sailor Moon. (Miss Universe Organization)

Kazakhstan: represents wealth of land in gold; Blue represents unity, while the wings are for freedom. (AFP)

Kenya: inspired by an all-powerful city for those who are saved from forced marriages. (AFP)

Korea: Traditional Han Book in hand-painted textiles and ornaments. (Miss Universe Organization)

Kosovo: in traditional marriages. (Miss Universe Organization)

Kyrgyzstan: inspired by folk art, made of wool and handmade. (Miss Universe Organization)

Laos: inspired by generous stream, a semicircle, half-bird from folklore. (AFP)

Lebanon: represents strong women, wings from the emblem of the country; handmade with pearls and fabric. (Miss Universe Organization)

Malaysia: Based on an ancient fishing civilization known for its resourceful and protective spirit. (Miss Universe Organization)

Malta: Based on national flower. (AFP)

Mauritius: National parade outfit during Independence Day celebration. (AFP)

Mexico: Jaguar Queen of Mayan Culture; Made in pre-Latin American style in leather and semi-precious stones. (AFP)

Mongolia: Inspired by Genghis Khan's Queen, made with over 1000 details handmade. (Miss Universe Organization)

Myanmar: inspired by an endemic tree used as a beauty product ingredient. (AFP)

Namibia: inspired by diamonds. (AFP)

Nepal: depicts goddess that relieves suffering. (Miss Universe Organization)

The Netherlands: Dutch merchant ships hand painted in Thai silk; paper-mache headdress. (Miss Universe Organization)

New Zealand: Green representing untouched landscape; Yellow for national flower and mother earth. (Miss Universe Organization)

Nicaragua: Based on the lines of a female poetic poem about peace and hope. (AFP)

Nigeria: headphones with eagle; dress adorned with vegetation and representations of peace and love. (AFP)

Norway: Tribes carried during marriages and funerals; designed by competitors. (AFP)

Panama: inspired by a princess from pre-Columbian history; made of 3500 gold beads. (AFP)

Paraguay: Based on national trees, with lighting up branches. (AFP)

Peru: inspired by the jungle region spirits and story of a woman who becomes a mermaid by singing. (AFP)

The Philippines: called "Celebrate, Fight, Enrich", this costume represents the three big islands – Luzviminda. Its main parts consist of a brass headpiece and customized footwear embroidered with domestic textile patterns. (Miss Universe Organization)

Poland: From Slavonic Mythology, Water Symphony. (AFP)

Portugal: Fishing net dress that represents Sebugal's shipping. (AFP)

Puerto Rico: represents the winds of Hurricane Maria, showing that the country rose like a gem in the Caribbean. (Ms. Universe Organization)

Russia: This designer dress represents an noble woman. (AFP)

Saint Lucia: inspired by the mythical love of the Caribbean and Helen of Troy. (AFP)

Singapore: Based on the Trump-Kim Summit and Singapore's role as a global peace broker. (AFP)

Slovakia: Based on a traditional textile recognized this year as part of UNESCO cultural heritage. (Miss Universe Organization)

South Africa: Based on national bird, made of over 1000 blue and gray feathers. (AFP)

Spain: an iconic traditional mantle with white purity and a ripple of red carnations, the country's most famous flower; The fan is to prolong the fragrances from her country. (Miss Universe Organization)

Sri Lanka: represents a party parade and women's empowerment. (AFP)

Sweden: A costume of love and friendship, representing 150 years of friendship between Thailand and Sweden. (AFP)

Switzerland: Snowflake and ice queen. (AFP)

Thailand: Based on the elephant icon in Siam, complemented by a royal Thai dress. (Miss Universe Organization)

Turkey: represents the women of the Ottoman Empire in a dress weighing 20 pounds. (Miss Universe Organization)

Ukraine: Suits made with traditional ornaments used for houses; red means love, white for purity. (Miss Universe Organization)

Uruguay: inspired by Salvador Dalas "The Meditative Rose" work, in sequins, beads and stones. (Miss Universe Organization)

USA: inspired by the national flower, rose, a symbol of love and the contender's middle name. (AFP)

US Virgin Islands: inspired by Phoenix and Queen Mary's reimagined dress in gold corset with jewels. (Miss Universe Organization)

Venezuela: Nature's goddess depicted in thousands of crystals. (Miss Universe Organization)

Vietnam: inspired by traditional food, Banh Mi. (Miss Universe Organization)

Zambia: This traditional dress for a harvesting ceremony is the only time women can dress in this way as a symbol of purity. (Miss Universe Organization)

Many costumes were still inspired by the candidate nations' flags and flora and fauna, especially their national flowers.

Those who have trained on social media such as Miss Japans Sailor Moon and Miss Singapore's suit inspired by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's historic handshake, including wowed viewers.

Similarly, those who used the show as a platform to promote lawyer as female empowerment, environmental protection and

Ms. Universe from 2018 will turn into a croaking night on December 17 in Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand.

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