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Health worker coronavirus death asks probe

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 5) Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, a government hospital in Manila, is investigating the death of one of its health workers on charges of negligence.

Judyn Bonn Suerte was among the 39 health care workers who succumbed to coronavirus, but his colleagues blamed the government and hospital management for his death on July 31 last year.

The Alliance of Health Workers Group met with the health department’s “defective protocol” to transfer staff with severe symptoms to the designated COVID-19 referral hospitals.

“While we honor him, we also condemn the injustice of what happened to our dear colleague, during which time he was already in a critical condition, and yet the hospital where he works could abandon his duty and transfer him to Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, “the group said in a statement.

It also reiterated calls for free mandatory coronavirus testing and more personal protective equipment for all health workers, which Suerte also fought for.

DOH told reporters on Wednesday that it expects a report from Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center next week.

“According to JRRMMC Medical Chief Dr. Emmanuel Montaña, an investigative body has been set up to investigate the deaths of their employee Judyn Bonn Suerte,”

; DOH said. “But the report may only be available next week because hospital staff’s orders have just been released.”

A total of 5,245 healthcare professionals have caught the coronavirus. The majority of them, or 4,776, have recovered, while 430 remain ill.

DOH said it is working with medical communities for a “recalibrated plan and strategies” for managing COVID-19 in hospitals. Updated guidelines will be released this week, it said.

Last weekend, frontline medical staff felt the strain to take into account the growing number of COVID-19 patients who demanded a two-week improved quarantine in Metro Manila and nearby regions to help the government buy time to address several issues, including hospital shortages , as well as failures in contact tracking, cases and isolation, among others.

President Rodrigo Duterte partially granted his call and introduced an amended ECQ in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal and Laguna until 18 August.

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