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Google $ 349 Pixel 4a vs. Apple $ 399 iPhone SE

This week, Google launched its latest smartphone, the $ 349 Pixel 4a, a low-cost device designed to compete with other affordable devices such as Apple’s iPhone SE.

We picked up one of the new Pixel 4a smartphones and thought we would check it out to see how it measures up to the honeiPhone SE‌, given that the two devices have such similar price points.

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Both Pixel 4a and ‌iPhone SE‌ are “budget” phones that lack any features available in more expensive smartphones from the two companies, but both are capable devices that offer similar performance.

Pixel 4a has a 5.81

-inch OLED panel that is much larger than the iPhone 4.7-inch LCD screen. It has a cut-out in the pinhole camera but is otherwise the screen, which gives it a more modern look and more visible viewing area. HoneIPhone SE‌ continues to have thick top and bottom frames that cut down the display area of ​​the screen.

When it comes to a direct comparison of screen quality, you might think that Pixel 4a would be leagues better with the OLED panel, but both have close quality. 4th wins, but ‌iPhone SE‌ is not too far away.

‌IPhone SE‌ has a boot ID button in the lower frame, and Pixel 4a also uses a fingerprint sensor, but it is located on the back of the device. The OuchTouch ID beats most other fingerprint sensors in terms of accuracy and phone lock time, and there is no exception here. Google’s fingerprint sensor is good, but ouchTouch ID‌ is better.

To keep costs low, Google Pixel 4a built from plastic, so in terms of quality, the iPhone SE‌’s glass and aluminum construction wins. It looks and feels like a more premium smartphone, although plastic is less likely to break when dropped.

‌IPhone SE‌ is equipped with Apple’s latest A13 chip, which only runs fast. That puts ‌iPhone SE‌ on par with Apple’s flagship iPhones in terms of performance, a factor that makes ‌iPhone SE‌’s $ 399 price a bargain.

Pixel 4a has an Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, but it just can not work at the A13 level. You may not notice a huge huge difference in usage every day, but there are some data where ‌iPhone SE‌ will really surpass 4a, which is just a little more laggy and less agile.

In terms of battery life, the Pixel 4a has a 3,140 mAh battery while the iPhone SE‌ has 1,821 mAh, so the Pixel 4a lasts much longer. Pixel 4a also has 6 GB RAM and 12 GB base storage, while ‌iPhone SE‌ has 3 GB RAM and 64 GB base storage.

HoneIPhone SE‌ has an older camera that was first used in ‌iPhone‌ 8, and it is a 12-megapixel installation with a single lens. Pixel 4a also has a single-lens 12.2-megapixel camera, but it has some of Google’s computational photography and image processing features, so photos on 4a look better.

‌IPhone SE‌ photos have a more natural color palette while Pixel 4a photos are cooler in tone, but Pixel 4a images are sharper and sharper, even when the lighting is poor. Google gave Pixel 4a Night Sight, but Apple’s iPhone SE‌ does not support the Night Mode feature found on more expensive iPhones.

However, Apple wins in terms of video quality, as the iPhone SE‌ supports 4K 60fps video and has much better image stabilization than the Pixel 4a.

‌IPhone SE‌ runs iOS and Pixel 4a runs Android, and since most of us are locked into one or another ecosystem, the operating system is one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Someone who has always used iPhones will probably choose ‌iPhone SE‌, and the same goes for Android and Pixel 4a.

Both of these phones offer a lot of value for the price point, so it really comes down to the ecosystem. Apple guarantees iOS updates for many years to come, so ‌iPhone SE‌ should be supported until at least 2024. Android smartphones do not often get as many updates, but Google is better at providing new software for Pixel phones.

In the future, we may actually see an Apple-designed lower-cost smartphone that more closely reflects the design of the Pixel 4a as Apple rumored to be working on a new version of ‌iPhone SE‌ called ‌iPhone SE‌ Plus. It has allegedly an all-display design with a fingerprint sensor built into the switch, but it will not come out until 2021.

Do you prefer Apple’s iPhone SE‌ or Google’s Pixel 4a? Which do you think is the better value? Let us know in the comments.

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