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Drug czar post for a drug war critic: The strange place Leni Robredo is at

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<figcaption class= Vice President Leni Robredo banter with officials of the 2nd Army of the Philippine Army after eating breakfast with them at Camp Capinpin sa Tanay, Rizal on a photo was released on November 7, 2018. (OVP)

Vice President Leni Robredo accepted the Duterte administration's offer to appoint her as an important official in the brutal war on drugs that she has long criticized for causing the deaths of thousands Earlier this week, Robredo announced earlier this week that many, her allies in the Liberal Party, wished she would not – become a chairman of the Inter-agency Anti-Illegal Drugs Committee or ICAD.

19659003] A memorandum signed by Duterte dated October 31 formally appointed her to the position that would last until At the end of his term of office in 2022.

He also mentioned that relevant agencies such as the Philippine Drug Enfor Cement Bureau, the Philippine National Police and the political decision-making body Dangerous Drugs Board are ordered to "extend their full support and cooperation" to her a "successful" drug crackdown.

Robredo said she is aware that the offer is suspect; that it could be a trap that sets her up for failure. She said she will endure the expected policy and warned the Duterte government to be ready for her.

Robredo explained her decision and said she wanted to take the chance to save lives. "Because if I could save at least one innocent life, my principles and my heart dictate that I should try," she said.

And what exactly is her function?

While there were some administrative allied legislators who welcomed her acceptance of the position, other Filipinos argued that the ball may not be completely on Robredo's court.

Her spokesperson, for one, admitted that the position's functions are still unclear. First, the executive order 15 that creates the ICAD has no provision for a co-chair.

"Whatever happens in the next few days, it's actually up to the administration. We'll see if they meant it seriously, said attorney Barry Gutierrez.

  Barry Gutierrez
Atty. Barry Gutierrez speaks at a conference. (Photo from the Facebook page of Atty. BarryGutierrez)

ICAD is an agency whose mission is to carry out the administration's anti-drug campaign through policies, laws and regulations. It is the head of the PDEA and consists of four clusters – clusters, enforcement, justice and rehabilitation and reintegration.

Panelo previously said that "any office, agency, government or government instrument involved in the enforcement of the Prohibited Drugs Act" will be placed under Robredo's supervision with a "Cabinet Secretary's portfolio. "

reports notes that he" did not categorically respond if Robredo can interrupt antibody operations without President Duterte's permission, given her new role. "

Back with the team that dismissed her

Robredo, a leader of the opposition Liberal Party, was former head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordination Council or HUDCC in Duterte's first year in his office

The position elevated her to cabinet before the president asked her to stop attending meetings a few months into the post in December 2016.

Robredo desc ribbed the scheme as the "last straw" after the executive branch failed to support HUDCC during her stint as chairman.

The budget for the Council's key services agencies 2017 "was cut by more than P19 billion" while their key figures agency's recommendations "were not acted upon."

"I had hoped that this shared commitment to the poor and marginalized would transcend the differences between us. So I took the job of housing secretary when it was offered to me," she said.

Some Filipinos were not warm to the idea of ​​Robredo again works with the administration that interrupted her from gaining access that would allow her to achieve her goals.

"Not a fan of Leni who accepts the position. Drug issues, like poverty, are multilayered. If she does not have power over all relevant agencies , including DOH, DepEd, TESDA, etc., this will not work. HUDCC for continuing to be blocked by sycophants e, "wrote a Twitter user .

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