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Drowned PMA cadet came home

The Body of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cadet Fourth Class Mario Telan Jr. who drowned on November 8 has been brought home to Cagayan.

Before his remains were transported back to his hometown, a full graduation fee was made early Sunday morning (November 10) at the academy with his parents and relatives.

Initial investigation revealed that Telan had his swimming classes around 11am to 12pm and was found at the bottom of the pool by his colleagues before 2pm

Captain Cheryl Tindog, PMA spokesman, said while other cadets perform their bathing investigation, Telan jumped in the 15 foot deep pool and no one noticed that he was slowly swimming in the water.

When asked about the institution's morale, Tindog said that the entire cadet corps and the PMA family are saddened by the unfortunate loss of their cadet who is also their sons.

The PMA stated that as the academy presses to introduce reforms, no stones will be left inverted until this tragic event has been properly arranged.

"All necessary measures and protocols are committed to dealing with all the violation and or irregularity so that this unfortunate loss will not happen again," Tindog added.

The academy ordered a thorough investigation and all swimming classes on the cadets are temporarily ha It added until the event has been properly arranged.

The Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) is also conducting a parallel investigation into the alleged drowning incident.

The autopsy report showed that the cadet repeated multiple injuries in different parts of his body.

As of Monday, November 1

1, BCPO Chief, Colonel Allen Rae Co said that they are almost done in their investigation.

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