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The NASA probe is preparing for its first attempt to collect asteroids

Washington, Aug 9 (IANS): NASA’s first asteroid sampling spacecraft is now just a repetition away from taking a sample from the surface of the asteroid Bennus. The OSIRIS-REx mission will carry out a final rehearsal of its touchdown sequence on August 11, and rehearse the sampling activities one last time before touching Bennu in October, NASA said. This “Matchpoint” test …

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Perseid meteor shower 2020 tops soon: How to see the show

Some Persiders 2019, seen from Macedonia. Spaceweather.com/Stojan Stojanovski It is the beginning of August, which means that the annual Perseid meteor shower is active and almost ready to peak. The Perseid dishes are one of the best, brightest lots of shooting stars, and it feels like we could use them now more than ever to add a little wonder and …

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NASA drops raspy nicknames on celestial bodies

(CNN) – Grocery stores, professional sports teams and country bands have all removed the breed’s sensitive names. Now NASA is adding celestial bodies to the list that include Aunt Jemima, Washington Football Team and hitmakers The Chicks and Lady A. “Eskimo Nebula” and “Siamese Twins Galaxy” are out, for example. “Nicknames are often more accessible and audience-friendly than official names …

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SpaceX launches 57 new “VisorSat” Starlink satellites

SpaceX launched 57 new satellites in its latest drive to get the Starlink cluster up and running. The company plans to launch beta promotions of its satellite-serviced Internet service later this summer. There has been controversy surrounding the Starlink satellites, especially as they are much brighter than anyone expected. Astronomers and scientists around the world have complained that SpaceX satellites …

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NASA is dropping “insensitive” nicknames for cosmic objects

NASA joins the ever-growing list of organizations and companies that review their naming system and remove names that are “insensitive” and “harmful” from their vocabulary. Aunt Jemima, The chicks, Lady A, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Washington Football Team – and now, celestial objects – all undergo a rebrand. “Eskimo Nebula” and “Siamese Twins Galaxy” are just two examples of nicknames that will …

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The Hubble Telescope uses the moon as a mirror to study the earth

On January 20-21, 2019, the planet Earth came between the sun and the moon and drapes the rocky body with its shadow in a total lunar eclipse. The moon may have seemed weak to us here on earth, but it acted as a giant lunar mirror from space. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope used the moon to reflect sunlight to observe …

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