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How to clean N95 masks for reuse is explained here

ILLINOIS : Electric multi-boilers can also be used to disinfect respirators from the N95, according to a new study. The Illinois study, Urbana-Champaign found that 50 minutes of dry heat in an electric stove, such as a rice cooker or Instant Pot, decontaminated N95 ventilators inside and out while maintaining their filtration and fit. This can enable wearers to safely …

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Asia Today: Sources of many undetectable cases in Victoria

Updated 12:03 PDT, Sunday 9 August 2020 A woman is waiting to give a nasal test to test for COVID-19 at a medical camp in Mumbai, India, on Saturday, August 8, 2020. When India hit another gloomy milestone in the coronavirus pandemic on Friday, it crossed 2 million cases and more than 41,000 deaths, public health volunteers went on strike …

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Who is first vaccinated against Covid-19?

Every time a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 becomes available, one thing is virtually certain: there is not enough to go around. And that means there will be rationing. Someone will have to decide which of the world’s 7.8 billion people will get the first crack when they return to a more normal life. Infection experts and …

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Havana back on lockdown when coronavirus rebounds

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba put Havana back on a tight lockdown on Saturday after a recovery in coronavirus cases, ordering restaurants, bars and pools once again to close, close public transport and ban access to the beach. FILE PHOTO: People wearing face masks waiting to enter the first wholesale office for private dining, during the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), …

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How we found coronavirus in a cat

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemicThe potential role of animals in capturing and spreading the disease has been carefully examined by researchers. This is because the virus that causes Covid-19 belongs to the family of coronaviruses that cause disease in various mammals. The evidence suggests that this virus originated in bats and my colleagues at the University of Glasgow …

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If you belong to this category, a coronavirus vaccine may not work for you – BGR

The earliest estimates are that a successful, viable coronavirus vaccine could be targeted and ready for introduction into the general population by the end of this year. However, change would not occur in terms of an impact on the coronavirus pandemic. Getting everyone vaccinated will be a major logistical challenge. Nevertheless, there is concern that a coronavirus vaccine will not …

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