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These Selena Gomez-Demi Lovato Throwbacks will make 00’s Disney fans miss their friendship

July 2020 turned out that for their younger millennials who grew up watching Disney Channel, their previous teenage idols are all adults. Joe Jonas welcomed his first child, Demi Lovato got engaged, and Selena Gomez turned 28. The latter two events even happened on the same day, but neither of them publicly congratulated the other. just realized demi lovato got …

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Simon Cowell will undergo surgery after breaking his back in an electric bicycle accident – deadline

Simon Cowell landed at the hospital on Saturday after an accident with his electric bike left him with a back injury. Reps for America has talent The judge first told People that the accident occurred Saturday afternoon when Cowell was testing the vehicle in his Malibu home with the family. The TV personality is doing well, the rep said “Simon …

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Jennifer Aniston is the worst co-star for a kiss on screen

When actors have to portray a romantic couple on screen, things can become dice. Sure, there are times when the sparks start to fly for real. In fact, several couples started out as co-stars before deciding to take romance with them when they left the set. But for the most part, it’s just a job, and many of the actors …

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Zoë Kravitz calls on Hulu for lack of diversity

Photo: Corbis via Getty Images Zoë Kravitz has responded to the cancellation of her show, Hi-fi, by Hulu this week and pointed to Hulu’s lack of original shows starring women of color. Kravitz, who played in and executive produced Hi-fi, posted a tribute to the actor and crew on Instagram and wrote: “I want to give a shout out to …

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Dallas and Robo on stock cars, Sidekicks, Dismembered Hands: Preview

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We are now only hours away until John Cena (suicide Group) and Kat Dennings‘(however Face) Dallas and Robo get the official decoder ring and learn the official handshake when they join SYFY’s TZGZ animation block for adults late at night (from Saturday, August 8 at midnight-ish ET / PT). To help set the mood (as the lava lamp and crushed …

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Become the master of the universe in the new LEGENDS OF GRAYSKULL RPG

Mattel and Fandom have the power – the power to make a brand new table game role-playing game in Eternia! Your childhood dream of becoming a He-Man can finally come true when you pick up Legends of Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe Roleplay in 2021. Based on Fandom’s Cortex Prime control system, the TTRPG (table-playing role-playing game) will also …

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