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Alien Discovery: MEMBERS of Giant Aliens Discovered on Mars – Alleged “Undisputed Evidence” | Strange | News

Alien enthusiasts were sent into a frenzy when they discovered what they perceived as a marchman who was defeated in battle. The strange statement comes on the back of a picture from NASA, which seems to show what some call the remains of giant aliens.

UFO enthusiasts believe there are several foreigners who were at least four feet tall scattered around the dusty surface of Mars.

According to prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, one of these giant aliens was defeated in battle, and then quartered to warn other enemies.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog ET database: Reality is right in front of us. Legs, arms, hand, foot and head with crown of a foreign species.

“The body is not naked, but still wears the armor it fought in. They were all next to each other.

“It is a sign that the person was in combat and attacked and cut into sections of a very fine and powerful weapon resembling a laser sword or saber.


7;s obvious from a person who was very tall. They stood between 3.5 to four meters tall.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this creature has multiple DNA strands, because for each added thread comes extra compactness and strength of the body.

“This body has been destroyed very little since his death. This is undeniable evidence that four-foot-tall aliens were on Mars.”

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“The figure looks like it is made of copper or golden metal. I know that because the color is very different from the color in the surroundings.

“This was probably a god, a statue of a god whom the people of Mars asked for protection.

“The statue itself has a head, a thick chest with a long robe covering it, a large book or shield on one arm.

“Very amazing discovery and absolute proof that ancient intelligent aliens not only lived on Mars but prayed on Mars.”

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