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Phil Collen says Brian May is "really obvious" person to launch Def Leppard in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


In separate interviews with SiriusXM performed earlier today DEF LEPPARD ] Phil Collen and the singer Joe Elliott weighed on who would induce his band in the

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next spring. It's a real thing, and we'd love it, but Brian May from QUEEN would be great, " Phil said." We only played [Las] Vegas a few months ago and QUEEN played just around the corner and I encountered Brian in the gym. And he said, "Are you playing tonight?" I said, "Yes." He said, "I too." He goes, "what time are you done?" And I said, "We will end at about 1

1." He said, "We finish at 8. I'll be over later. I'll stop and I'll get over." He had done a show with QUEEN and he came over. And it was just as amazing. Brian is one of my biggest influences. I love him I just can not figure out how amazing he is. And we do all – we are huge QUEEN fans and Brian fans. And then it would be wonderful if he "but you know we'll see it."

Elliott said, "We did not think we would get it. I know we were breaking the fan vote, but there are more than the fans – it's all people we do not know who to vote for. So we did not even think about who we will induce us because we did not want to think … I do not like planning so far in the future if everything falls flat and you do not end up. And then you put a lot of energy into something that you did not need Trust me, I need all the energy I can get in my age, I will not waste things until I have to Now we begin to think who will do it. And I suppose Ian [ Hunter ] would be one of the people we would think of if he is available and wants to do it. We are open. We are also realistic that some people may not want to do that . We will see. "

The 34th Annual Rock and Ro The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held March 29 in Brooklyn, New York's Barclays Center. HBO will send a truncated version of the ceremony later this year.

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The polls were sent to a voice group of more than 1000 artists, historians and the music industry's professionals.

The audience was invited to participate again in this

Rock Hall rules state that artists will be eligible 25 years after their first records were released, but the Hall also claims that other "criteria include the impact and importance of the artists' contribution to development and deepening of rock's role, which is obviously open to interpretation.

One of the best-selling rock acts of all time, DEF LEP PARD has been entitled to Rock Hall since 2004.

The nominees in 2019 must release their first recording by 1993.