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PG&E begins the second wave of planned power outages in California to avert the risk of fires

The largest utility company in California began its second wave of planned power outages to distance itself from burns from disconnected power lines Wednesday night, according to a report.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. delayed the interruptions scheduled for noon Wednesday in parts of northern California until after 7 pm

About 234,000 customers were expected to lose power during the second wave, Saramento's KCRA TV reported.

PG&E said it turned on power for some of the 513,000 customers in 22 counties left in the dark around midnight Wednesday for the company's first wave of outages due to a "widespread, severe wind event."

About 44,000 customers in northeastern Sierra Foothills had power returned on Wednesday afternoon, KCRA reported

The other waves of outages include Calaveras, Tuolumne, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, all east of San Francisco.

CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE RISK MAY Causes power failure in 30 countries for more than 600,000 customers

Other counties expected to lose power in the second wave include Alameda, Alpine, Contra Costa, Mariposa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Mendocino County, KCRA reported.

PG&E has established about 30 community centers that offer air conditioning, toilets, bottled water and electronic charging stations under daylight.

PG&E made the decision to turn off the customers' power due to forecasts of dry, hot and windy weather, which increases the risk of rapid spreading fires.

The company said the weather event is expected to last through noon Thursday.

"The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, which is why PG&E has decided to turn off power to customers during this widespread, severe wind event," said Michael Lewis, PG&E's senior vice president of Electric Operations, in a statement. "We understand the impact this event will have on our customers and appreciate the patience of the public when we do what is necessary to keep our communities safe and reduce the risk of wildfires."

The company expects it to The planned interruption in total will affect about 800,000 customers in 34 counties.

“We have also identified areas where we could safely activate parts of our electrical system that were not located in areas with high fire threat and reconfigure our system in different areas so it didn't have as much impact as previously planned, "PG&E spokeswoman Brandi Merlo said in a statement California has been hit by a series of deadly wildfires across the state in recent years, including Camp Fire, the deadliest in state history, which killed 85 people and nearly destroyed the Paradise of Paradise.


A potential third wave of shutdowns would include the company's southernmost c customers in Santa Barbara and Kern County.

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