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Peter Weber admits Madison should have apologized for Australia in the “The Bachelor” finale

Peter Weber’s time at bachelor was truly memorable. And while he didn’t find a hubby at the end of his season, he almost did. Between Madison and Hannah Ann, Weber became engaged to the latter but then canceled it after a month or so. With Madison, he saw an opening when she returned to LA to possibly revive their love. But she does not apologize to her family for Australia and refused to meet him before the final.

Madison Prewitt and Peter Weber on their last date in Australia in Part 1[ads1] of
Madison Prewitt and Peter Weber on their last date in Australia in Part 1 of “The Bachelor” Season Finale. She joined Weber on this date ABC / John Fleenor

Madison’s behavior in Australia was absolutely the cause of all Weber’s bad feelings towards her

When you are on Bachelor Happy Hour podcast on April 7, Weber hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin told that the tension between Madison and his family began in Australia.

Weber explained that Hannah Ann set the bar really high because she was so genuine about her love for Weber; his family “fell in love with her completely.” But things were really tense between Madison and Weber when it was time for her to meet his family. She almost didn’t come to the previous rose ceremony because she found out that Weber was intimate with Hannah Ann and Victoria in Fantasy Suites. She saved herself from marriage and didn’t know if she could be with him after that.

“I can take that responsibility, but she wasn’t in a good place at all,” Weber explained. “And the conversation about being outside the house for three hours, having my parents wait, was 100 percent true. It was so. “Weber explained that the three hours were because he was trying to convince Madison to meet his parents and brother.

“They’ve only been flying halfway around the world. If I go in and say “Madison just can’t talk right now,” it just won’t be good, “he shared. She still didn’t want to talk to them, but eventually gave up. It’s understandable that his mother was so annoyed at the fact, even considering they never got an apology.

“I think [Madison] could have come out on stage and apologize, “Weber said on the podcast about the live finale. “A really quick apology to my parents for the last time she had seen them. Would have gone a long way. “

Weber wanted to see Prewitt before the final, but did not

Many, including Lindsay and Kufrin, pointed out that it was strange that Weber and Madison did not spend time together before the live finals. When they split up a few days later, this made many people believe that everything was staged. Weber admits he understands why people believe it, but that wasn’t the case. He said they Facetimed before the final, but wish they had spent more time together.

“It’s crazy but the first time she and I spent time outside the camera was after the show ended,” he said. “And it was just like crazy for such a serious relationship, because it had been the first time. But we really didn’t know what to do [going into the finale]”.

As for why they didn’t have face-to-face conversation before the final, it was Madison’s choice.

“I’m still confused why we didn’t meet each other before,” Weber said. “It was an alternative and I wanted to do it. And I remember she said things like, “Maybe we should just make this really real on stage and have it the first time.”

This was a big red flag for Lindsay and Kufrin. Both expressed that they “die” to see their hubby during their assigned couple weekends after they got engaged.

Lindsay was especially abolished by Madison’s comments about appearing more “authentic” in front of the cameras. “Are you putting on a show or trying to get to know each other? That’s where I have the conflict, Lindsay said.

In the end, Weber acknowledged that his mother was right with him and Madison

For anyone wondering if Weber’s mom got in the way of him and Madison, or if they are in spoken terms, everything is okay in the Weber household. He told Lindsay and Kufrin that because of the remaining tension, and the fact that his mother didn’t think she was right for Weber, Barbara started on the finale and said what she said. But Weber admits that it made him more proud of his mother and in the end she was right.

“The next two days with Madison and I, we had a lot of conversations and at the end of the day, at the end of the second day, we just proved my mom right,” Peter said. “And I’ve always heard that. “Mom knows best.” And there is a reason why the word is out there and I think they do. “

Madison has not been as vocal about the split as Weber, but it’s safe to say that she probably hasn’t apologized to Webers for Australia.

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