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Pesticide levels in children and adults fall dramatically from eating organically

If you are new to the world of health and well-being, some of the very first advice you often hear is eating organically. But with prices that can be high and pesticides covering virtually all parts of conventional production, it can be easier to eat organically.

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California in San Francisco just came to a breakthrough that should be the reason to kiss conventional fruits and vegetables farewell: After less than a week of eating organically, the toxin content of the body was dramatically reduced.

In the study, four families with different backgrounds have a conventional diet for six days, then an organic diet for another six. By testing the urine before and after going completely organic, researchers found large drops in bodily pesticides. These pesticides have been associated with a number of problems: cancer, hormonal imbalance and neurological disorders, just to name a few.

The most amazing state from their research was a 95 percent drop in a toxin called malathion, which is linked to brain damage in children.

"Right now, cultivation with toxic pesticides is the norm. But we can turn science is clear that we can grow abundant food without pesticides," says Dr. Kendra Klein, co-author of the study and senior staff researcher at Organic Research Organization Friends of the Earth, told for mbg.

"We need to organize, raise our voices, demand that our leaders rise and move support, research and politics to create a system where it is organic for everyone. "

Klein and her colleagues focused mainly on exposure, not health outcomes, when it will eat organically. Studies that focus on health outcomes often take a lot of time and resources, but there have been a few recent breakthroughs: A recent study from France Finding 25 percent reduction in cancer levels after including more organic foods in the diet and another studying linked organic foods with improved fertility rates.

In addition to the reduction of hazardous toxins in the body, organically increasing the soil's health can cause organic pollution. , supports biodiversity, preserves the quality of the soil and is generally more sustainable in the long run.

"Organic works. We already have the solution. However, many people across the country still do not have access to or cannot afford organic food. It is unacceptable. We are all entitled to food that is free of toxic pesticides, "added Klein.

Some of her favorite tips for eating organic on a budget include Reducing meat consumption meat is often the most expensive part of a meal purchase of frozen ingredients, extraction of your local agricultural markets and purchasing time.

If you are anxious to relieve yourself of the organic life, you can start with the Environmental Working Group's list of the dirty dozen and clean 1

5 to control your shopping, and if you are not enough to change Your food, you can even go organic when it comes to your skin care or natural beauty. For your stomach, skin and planet's sake, organic can be the right choice.

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