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The new model 3 becomes the most efficient car on the market

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The fact that a car is electric does not automatically make it more efficient; While it is true that it has a certain advantage over internal combustion engines, efficiency is measured in the amount of energy needed to move the car.

In that sense, cars with great autonomy like Model 3 are still close to the most efficient internal combustion cars; For example, some hybrid models are particularly effective when combining low-displacement engines with batteries in times that require more power.

If what you want to save is a hybrid car that is still an option to consider; but as the density of the battery increases and the autonomy of the electric cars improves, this will change.

Model 3 is the most efficient car

This is something that has been proven in the latest EPA report, the US Environmental Protection Agency. As part of its work, EPA has a list of cars ordered according to their efficiency. Fuel consumption in miles per gallon (MPG) is normally calculated, but with electric cars it is calculated by MPGe.

For these calculations, 33.7 kilowatt hours of energy is considered to be one gallon. gasoline (3.78 liters) . In this way it is possible to compare internal combustion cars with electric cars. According to this list, plug-in hybrid models are very efficient, such as the Toyota Prius Prime, which reaches 1

33 MPGe.

A surprising figure compared to fully electric models. So far the most efficient car was the Hyundai IONIQ Electric, the 100% electric version of a model that started out as a hybrid; its consumption is 136 MPGe.

Figures that have remained small next to the latest update of the Tesla Model 3. Specifically, it is the new Standard Range Plus version that has started selling in the US this year

This model has a range of 40 miles (402 km) with the EPA approval cycle; This means the lowest consumptions EPA has recorded so far in a sedan like this. Specifically, the consumption is 141 MPGe, about 5 MPGe more than IONIQ Electric.

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This not only says a lot about Tesla, but also Hyundai, which has so far been able to retain the most advanced manufacturer in this of electric cars. It will be interesting to see how this data changes for next year, with the launch of new, more efficient models.

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