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The iPhone XI will improve its connectivity thanks to a new antenna technology

In November, we learned that Apple developed a new antenna technology to integrate its 2019 iPhones. The information then came from the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Just recently, and again through Kuo, we approached the confirmation that the next iPhone will vary the antenna's building materials. Here we show you more details and we tell you that this can affect the daily use of the device.

What comes the new antenna for the iPhone XI?

The 5G technology is already arriving and it seems as if is staying. In addition, there are still many places where 4G technology has not yet been established. The truth is that the industry is moving forward in such a big leap that it is likely that even the new 5G technology will arrive at its predecessor on many points. Apple works especially with Qualcomm and Samsung to get its iPhone connection since 2020.

  iPhone XI 11
Concept of possible iPhone XI

Although we said that 5G technology will not reach iPhone until next year Is it certain that from the iPhone and iPad 2019 are expected improvements that can approach a better connection in these devices for the future. As reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, this would mean a transformation in the antennas carrying the iPhone and iPad, which would change its liquid crystal polymer building material LCP, from an MPI material . It should be noted that Kuo has said that the LCP materials will not disappear altogether and that they will be important even when the 5G technology comes.

In addition to analyzing the antenna building materials, a very complicated thing without knowledge techniques, we would like to analyze how well this can be for the user . At the end, we live daily in connection with the internet and much of that connection is made with our mobile data connection and therefore all antennas receiving the signals are improved .

There is no doubt that the iPhone, except in specific cases due to some type of division are devices that have very good coverage of both voice and data . Not in vain are advanced units. The same happens with the iPad. Gone are the days when "Antennagate" was the lead in several cases of coverage on the iPhone 4. Now, Apple seems determined to continue improving relations.

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