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The dark mode saves 30% battery, recharges an electric car in 10 minutes and other technical news | technique

The still expensive OLED screens have found an unexpected ally in Dark Mode. A laboratory test shows that a mobile phone with OLED screen saves 30% battery when using dark mode because the black pixels are not turned on on these screens so that they do not consume battery. This Sunday, Facebook has released the dark mode for its web version. Thus, begins the summary of the technical news of the weekend.

The main handicap for electric cars is the charging of the battery. A problem that will cease to be very soon. Ibil and Repsol have opened in the Basque country a station with superchargers that charges an electric car in 1

0 minutes . You don't have time to drink coffee!

This weekend we published a good handful of in-depth analysis of the latest hardware: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 5, Redmi Note Pro 8 and Asus ROG Strix III. You will be interested to read them if you are going to buy one this Black Friday …

Listen to "Section # 3: OLED – What is it … With Rubén Andrés Barbero" on Spreaker.

Technical news

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Leisure and Games

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Today's news

In Rome you can already pay for public transport with plastic bottles. Read the news

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Thus we end the technological summary of the last hours while we welcome a new week. Have a good Monday!

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