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Televisions are available at 49 ”son los favoritos de los peruanos Economía

There is a lot of terminology for the television set of impulses in Copa America. Its embargo, which is the case with preference of peruvian cuando se trata de comprar artefactos para el hogar . Según GfK numerous preferences are observed and presented with reference to the Internet.

A study of this compartment reveals the use of electronic artifacts that can be used by canal online without televisions have a maximum of 49 pulgadas, representing 74% of the waiting and numerous categories.

Esta tendencia responds to a new technology of the cambio of technology explicitly the retailer of the GfK, Jean Vargas.

Los artefactos estos tamaños ya veien con el system SmartTV y en 4K por eso los prefieren”, sostiene. The guest promo, aggregate, is S / 1

,120, and may have all the artifacts of the line maroon, as well as video and music reproducers.

The demand for the product is tampoco es baja, internet and campsites available for free que ten mayor demanda. Vargas explica que en el Cyber ​​Wow the junction of este año, generaron ventas por casi S / 60 millones. Y digits, destinations, podiums for S / 80,000 and the edible version, which is realized by 11 on November 13 and in conjunction with the participation of the Empress Lumingo and ten other retail sectors. [19659004] Tenga and cuenta

The ticket and the internet may be "offline", which allows people to opt for the product of the mayor and a more precise or optional accessory, Vargas.

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