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Milagros, the "little mermaid girl", died at the age of 15

Milagros Cerrón Araujo known as the "little mermaid girl", died shortly before the celebration of her 16th birthday. According to her physician human traffickers had severe kidney problems and were A transplant is necessary to relieve her illness.

The birth of the "little mermaid girl" caused great surprise at national and international levels. Milagros Cerrón was born with sirenomelia, a rare congenital malformation characterized by complete union of the upper extremities.

When Milagros was less than 5 years old, she underwent an operation complex to separate its lower extremities, the same ones that managed to overcome. Throughout his childhood, however, he had to intervene several times for the reconstruction of the urinary tract.

His case became an example of struggle, despite its limitations, Milagros continued with his treatments to go back and live a normal life.

In December 201

8, Milagros celebrated its 15 years at the Lima Municipal Palace. That day she wore a beautiful pink dress and with a contagious smile she thanked everyone for the birthday celebration.

According to specialists, sirenomelia are presented in one in every 70 thousand births. The child's remains will be hidden in her birth Áhuac, Chupaca province in Junín, where relatives and friends moved to say their last goodbye.

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