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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Archie Harrison is a redhead | hertugar of Sussex | United Kingdom | shows

Five months ago, the Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a baby. The royal couple called him Archie Harrison and was considered the most awaited child in England.

As time went on, many followers began to wonder who had come out because they did not find him as one. But what they most wanted to know was their hair.

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Some thought he would be as black as his mother but others, redhead Lady Di & # 39; s son. Many of the photos were taken did not clear was why Meghan Markle went out to say that she had the genes to her husband, Prince Harry.

This major news made it known at the Well Child Awards where they both attended and told the fans to their son Archie Harrison is a red-haired man and can be seen in his eyebrows.

"Meghan said yes and Harry said it definitely is, it can be seen in his eyebrows," said one of the participating students.

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Then she commented as follows: "Harry said he had not had hair in five months, but Meghan told for him that he had taken a playgroup and that there were other children there with the same amount of hair or even less. "

Now there is no doubt about the real child is the same as his father and royalty fans expect more pictures of him.

Once married Meghan Markle itself?

The former actress in the series "Suits" married Prince Harry May 1

9, 2018. The royal wedding was broadcast and the many members of the high society. This was one of the most awaited marriage because it is the first time a member of the royal family marries a divorced woman.

Meghan Markle confirms that her son Archie is a redhead

Meghan Markle father Thomas Markle did not participate because he was not invited because he went out to say that his daughter just got married to him money but not for love, this was enough to break the family thread.

Although gentleman apologized publicly could hertuginnan of Sussex does not help to feel humiliated by their own parents. His sister, Samantha Markle did the same, and are now looking for forgiveness.

But none of that could overshadow her happiness because she is now happily married and has a well-formed family.

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