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Luis Castañeda: OAS and Odebrecht money would have been used to pay for municipal campaign advertising | José Luna | National Solidarity | Policy

Podemos leader of progress in Peru, José Luna Gálvez, pointed out that the alleged money contributed to OAS and Odebrecht – to a million dollars – for the Luis Castañeda municipal campaign Lossio would have been used for the payment, in bags, of advertising.

In an interview with Cuarto Poder the former National Solidarity Congressman referred to a sound from a conversation with Alejandro Bances Riojas head of the advertising agency Pixel Media Peru, hired by the Party of Municipalities campaign.

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"He told me that Jorge Zegarra (former militia of the SN and joined the The Invermet Steering Committee) gave him money bags to place (") the product", indicates José Luna in reference Go to advertising. "Zegarra only asked for a guide for advertising placement and where he placed (…) and asked him in quadruple to publish on the other hand. And there he told me that Martín Bustamante paid directly for radio shows, "he added.

In the sound referred to by the former Secretary General National Solidarity Bances indicates that the money was given "by Zegarra, who stayed half for him. (…) He took me to El Trigal, made me wait in a bakery and gave me the money. It was a million and a half and gave me $ 700,000. (…) Radio shows actually paid, that Bustamante actually paid for it. "The latter refers to Martín Bustamante, who was the right hand to Luis Castañeda in the yellow party.

"Millions have been raised, with money we did not know and did not know where it came from or what friend it contributed," explains José Luna, adding that The advertising agency received a commission. In other cases, "they took out advertising orders and they went straight to pay. (…) It was for the mission. ”

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Alejandro Bances, in the audio, adds that Zegarra asked him to enter Three to four copies. "I said" doctor, just one. "& # 39; Give me three, four so that I can overlap & # 39 ;, and right now I remember joining one, I would get money from another, one and another. I came and said" Bances , now you have to make another pattern. "I said" but it is already approved. "'No, lower down, lower down, there are many warnings there. Once I say (to Jorge Zegarra): and how much is here "There is so much. I went into my office and it wasn't much. It was always" stripped "and a hundred, two hundred thousand dollars." According to him, the bag was between 780 thousand and 900 thousand For José Luna there is a million dollars.

Luna Gálvez also indicates that he recently met Luis Castañeda at the request of the former mayor. According to the owner of Telesup University, the former mayor said "I see not Martín Bustamante "." I understood that I protected Martín and that whatever they were, e fall I assumed they were 1

00 thousand. So I said "hey, just a little while, that's a problem". He replies "but there will be a legal entity that will command the issue of campaign grants."

José Luna points out that this unit approved by Congress "there was no way out yet, the meeting was before." [19659002] According to the Prosecutor's Office, the former congressman fictitiously hired Luis Castañeda as "academic advisor" for Telesup. The money paid to the former mayor would come from Odebrecht and OAS.

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