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Libertex: XRP / USD – a crossing determines the price

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Rippel grew after the first regulated cryptobol in Australia came out. Independent Reserve had announced that it would include this crypto currency on its list. Private and institutional investors as of July 7 may work with Ripple. In addition, the availability of Ripple on this stock market is favorable in the long term, as the independent reserve indicates that the currency would remain among the driven instruments that meet only the requirements for quality, stability and volume of trade.

This currency He lost his positions after another trial had been filed against the founders of the Ripple Labs company. The applicant claims that the defendant violates federal and state laws and sells Ripple's unregistered tokens. Complaints require returns on their investments and compensation for losses, which at the same time show that XRP is the part of the original offer without limits and in addition has several properties of the values, which obliges the issuing company to present information to investors including possible risks. In addition, it is noted that the defendant used several tricks to create artificial demand and increase the price of XRP. The issue of recognition of Ripple as security awaits until the Securities and Exchange Commission has made a decision.

Technically, the price grew when it reached December last December, but the downward trend continues to evolve. According to Libertex, the nearest strong resistance is at 0.5500. When it's broken, the road opens to 0.6270. If the support level 0.4500 is broken and then 0.44214, the XRP can return to 0.3000.

Developed by Iván Marchena, Libertex Analytical Expert

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