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Hyundai Venue, the new SUV that padded menus of $ 18,000

The new Venue Powder looks and tastes, pero muy grande and utilidad y personalidad

The Nueva York 2019 Auto Show for a perfect scenario for the Hyundai present with a new SUV with an inexpensive $ 17,250 .

El Hyundai Venue 2020 showed a great deal of comparability with other vehicles of the same and prevalent in the concession of the Unidos Estates in November 2019.

Hyundai ofrece New SUVs with precision can be accessed and compared to other SUVs. The hecho, is only available in the SUV, but is economically updated by Los Estados Unidos by Nissan Kicks 2019.

Off a 4-cylinder engine, 1

.6 liters Smartstream that produces 121 caballos of fuel (hp ) and 133 libraries of torque and a yield of 33 millas per gallon (mpg).

Transmission manual of six velocidades o una transmission automática variable continua (CVT).

Con caracteristicas generosas desde modelo base , the manufacturer includes a system of information entry for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as features, functions of assistance and conductor of automotive emergencies, as well as assistance of customers and car makers.

and los levels of equipment.

El Venue SEL has costs ranging from $ 18,000 to $ 20,000 depending on the characteristics, and the Venue SEL and Venue Denim, which are also equipados, plus $ 20,000 per poco más,

The model model agrees with the technologies and characteristics of como solar technology, monitoring point, as well as delanteros with calefacción, faros LED, and the proximity of the bot pulse, as well as 17 pulgades4.

] "All in all, Venue is looking great and timely, with great grandeur and utility and personalization," said Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Productos, Corporativo y Planificación digital and Hyundai Motor America and a communicator. "The car audiences and our customers distinguish between SUVs and their vehicles, from a vehicle to vehicle, the level of access to waterless consumers who are unintelligent with a great deal of components of the state of technology, technology and industry" [196].


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