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GRL without resources for health, but for handling LRND | Society

The governor of the Lambayeque region, Anselmo Lozano Centurión, has argued that there is not enough money to improve the conditions of the hospital and pay staff employed to locate services.

This last item was put on the table these days, when the Ombudsman's office announced that it would request the regional governor to take action within a 15-day period on the bad conditions for Lambayeque Regional Hospital (HRL) ) and Las Mercedes Teaching Hospital, regarding the service of its surgical room.

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However, a binding issue would be the regional management, as there would be no uniformity in the salaries of officials, for example This is the case with Chief María Castro Grosso.

"(In health) the problem is economic. We don't have the money to pay staff on site, because if you hire exactly on a payroll, we would stop serving thousands of people at a health center, "he said.

Prior to emphasizing the economic health situation, Lozano indicated that the official María Castro will file an amparo action against the decision which annulled her compensation to 1

3,000 soles promoted by the full Council.

"Tomorrow (today) (María Castro) presents an amparo measure. Once it is adopted, a precautionary measure will be requested r. But I know it will happen because they are violated the right to work, he said.

Faced with the question that if the salary of that official should remain at 13,000 soles, the governor said: "Obviously what has been earned in the previous government. And that is set in the budget and by decree for 2015. Imagine, even a manager can earn more, up to 16,000 S, he said.

As recalled, the salary earned by the official in previous management was determined by Regional Agreement No. 003-2015, which was interrupted by a majority of the members' vote.

"In the former government, the CEO has earned S / 13 thousand . And so does the current boss, he said.

At that time, Castro called the Council's decision an illegal act.

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