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Children continue to search for adult content on the web

Kaspersky Lab's latest study on children's online activities is based on statistics from their parental control solutions and modules, highlighting children's online activities and the importance of protecting them while surfing the Internet. Adult

For example, 17% of searches made in recent months were related to video content. While many of the videos seen as a result of these searches may be harmless, children may accidentally stop watching videos with inappropriate content.

The report shows anonymous statistics from Kaspersky Lab's consumer flagship solutions and is used in Windows and Mac platforms that have enabled Parental Control Module, and Kaspersky Safe Kids, an independent service for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android devices.

The study presents search results for the ten most popular languages ​​in the last six months. The data show that the category video and audio-based services streaming video blogs series and movies-is the most "searched" by Google for children (17% of total requests). The second and third places go to translation (14%) and communication (10%). Interestingly, the venues are in fourth place and only generate 9% of the total search queries.

We can also see a clear difference in the searches, depending on language: for example, video and music sites are usually in English, it may be because most movies, TVs Series and musical groups have names in English. Hispanic children perform more searches on translation sites, while searches in communication services are mainly performed in Russian. More than any other language, Chinese speaking children are looking for educational services, while French-speaking children are more interested in sports and gaming sites. On the other hand, German-speaking applications dominate in the "purchase" category. The largest number of search queries about pornography is in Arabic, and for anime it is in Japanese.

"Children in different countries have different interests and behaviors on the web, but what unites them All is your need to be protected online against potentially harmful content. Children looking for animated content can accidentally open a porn movie. Or they can start looking for innocent videos and accidentally end up on sites that contain violent content and it can have long-term consequences for them, "

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Anna Larkina, expert on web content analysis by Kaspersky Lab.

In addition to searches, the report also analyzes which websites children visit or try to visit sites with potentially harmful content that fall into one of the 14 pre-configured categories in the past 12 months. The data show that communication sites (such as social networking, messaging, or email) were the most visited pages of computers with enabled parental control, and users visited these sites in 60% of cases over the last 12 months. However, the share of this category is reduced each year, as mobile devices continue to play a more important role in children's online activities.

The second most popular category of websites visited by Children is "software, audio and video" (22%). Websites with this content have become much more popular since last year, when it was only the fifth category among the most popular with 6%. The first three are finished with alcohol, tobacco and websites on drugs (6%), which is a new addition compared with the same time last year.

Again, there is a trend towards mobile devices between the venues, which now only rank fourth on the list of 5%. Because children continue to show preferences for mobile games instead of computer games, this category continues to decrease its popularity on computers over the next few months and years.

"Whatever what they do online, it's important that parents do not leave their children's digital activities unattended even though there is a big difference between care and obsession. Although it's important to trust your children and educate them about how to behave safely online, their good advice can not protect them from something that appears unexpectedly on screen. That is why advanced security solutions are important to ensure that children have positive experiences online, rather than harmful . " adds Larkina.

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