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César Hinostroza asked JNE's top prosecutor for an "urgent" and "life or death" favor

New audiences reveal that César Hinostroza, the disputed Supreme Executor, is requesting a service "of life or death" to the Supreme Prosecutor Luis Arce Córdova Public Service Representative before the National Jury of Elections (JNE).

According to & # 39; Fourth Power & # 39 ;, on May 29, 2018, Hinostroza Pariachi called Arce Córdova in the morning to discuss a matter of urgency . In the afternoon, the dismissed Supreme Judge called the prosecutor again and asked to have Víctor Soto .

César Hinostroza: Already little brother. Hello brother, a favor. There's a friend, Víctor Soto, wants to talk to you, can I tell him this morning?
Luis Arce Córdova: Today, no brother, please, until Friday, brother.
César Hinostroza: Next Friday? It's an urgent brother, yes, I'll see how we do it.

Kl. At 5pm they speak again. César Hinostroza l and the prosecutor Luis Arce Córdova reiterates that it is a "matter of life or death" .

César Hinostroza: Little brother wanted you to receive a friend, he wanted you if you can get urgent (…) life or death, for them surely, as I see the cases simple, in all cases. I don't know if a friend, Víctor Soto, can visit you tomorrow anytime, brother.

Luis Arce Córdova: I have a medical appointment but I continue, who is being interviewed. I'll tell her she's being interviewed, that Carolina is receiving it.

César Hinostroza: Carolina, your secretary.

Luis Arce Córdova: What she notes of what you want, with confidence to tell you, now?

César Hinostroza: Now, what time can you go?

Luis Arce Córdova: Eight, half eight.

Víctor Soto is a union for Peru ( UP ) and the conversation came in the middle of the election campaign for the mayor of Lima, when the party of former Congressman José Vega Antonio nominated Esther Capuñay .

At that time, the group declared Lima Va UP to regard its symbol and its distinct colors. They would form an alliance, but in the end it was not consolidated. However, UPP deposited its pot as a symbol and changed it to V.

The case was sent both in the National Election Jury (JNE) and in Indecopi. The latter, on June 1

2 last year, declared the UP registration invalid in the first place, but in JNE things were different .

On May 29, Supreme Prosecutor Luis Arce Córdova received César Hinostroza's call for life or death to participate in the legal representative of UP and on August 9 signed a majority resolution on the grounds of the party nominated the presidency to Ollanta Humala 2006.

The municipal and regional elections were in October and in December last year Indecopi in the second instance gave cause for the movement Lima Va . In this regard, former Congressman José Vega Antonio admitted that Víctor Soto visited the Prosecutor Arce Córdova in his office.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor in question issued a statement rejecting "categorically" any association of unlawful presumption with persons related in the investigation of The White Collars of the Port .

"In the public ministry Inquiry and, even less, an investigation that links him as a supposed member of the alleged criminal organization" said Arce Córdova.

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