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Evo Morales resigns President Bolivia's presidency and Russia resigns coup d'état | Vladimir Putin | Kremlin | RT | world

The violence of violence released in recent days in Bolivia was what forced Evo Morales to resign from the presidency, condemned on Monday by Vladimir Putin's government in Russia. Following the departure of the current President, the Kremlin asked the country's political forces to find a "constitutional way out of the crisis" that they are going through. YOU CAN SEE …

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Evo Morales | Former Chilean Foreign Ministers Condemn Bolivia's "Coup" [VIDEO]

Chile's Former Foreign Ministers, José Miguel Insulza (1994-1999) and Heraldo Muñoz (2014-2018), condemned this Sunday that in Bolivia a coup d'état against Evo Morales who announced his resignation to the presidency on Sunday after almost 14 years in power. " What happened in Bolivia is undoubtedly a coup " said Insulza, who is currently serving as Senator of the Socialist …

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Facebook viral: Young man puts some bread on his girlfriend's head without imagining the scary end he would have | VIDEO | face | fb | social networks | mx | rddr | Social networks

His "joke" ended in the least thought-provoking way. On Facebook, went viral a video showing the exact moment when a man puts a piece of bread on a woman's head, without imagining that a bird would come to satisfy your appetite . Facebook's viral video became "trend" in social networks in Mexico, Spain and USA as the woman too many …

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Chile | Sebastián Piñera Government Calls a Constituent Congress to Prepare New Magna Carta in Chile Latin America

Updated 10/11/2019 10:16 PM Santiago. The Chilean government announced Sunday evening that it agreed to initiate a process to draft a new constitution, one of the political demands that has arisen strongly amid the massive social protests that have agitated the South American country for more than three weeks . Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel told reporters after a meeting with …

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Adriana Salvatierra resigns: President of Bolivia Senate will not become new governor after Evo Morales resigns | ATMP | world

The President of the Bolivian Senate, Adriana Salvatierra resigned shortly after Evo Morales resigned from the country's presidency. The 30-year-old politician, a member of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), claimed that his departure from the Bolivia Senate was to find "a peaceful way out of conflict." YOU CAN SEE Cheering screams are heard on the streets of Bolivia after the …

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Dollar Rate in Mexico Today Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Exchange rate | Banamex | SAT | Mexican Peso | ATMP | world

The price of the dollar in Mexico starts today Sunday November 10, 2019 at 19.11 pesos. The average exchange rate for the US currency in the market is 18.59 pesos for purchases and 19.41 for sale. In exchange houses located in Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City, dollars are sold for a maximum of 19.30 pesos and are acquired …

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