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WhatsApp can shut you down forever: how do you avoid it?

WhatsApp has already started to permanently block thousands of users. One of the first cases was reported in October 2019 on the Reddit platform. Sputnik tells you what needs to be done to prevent this from happening to you. The Reddit Mowe11 user said that one of the participants in the university group who had the messaging program decided to …

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Analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, the best Western of all time (finally!) To desks that raise their own bar

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a colossal in every aspect. Both in the ambitious proposal and in the masterful way of dealing with the smallest details. And it is even more in PC, and transforms mouse and keyboard systems into their natural environment, reaches new levels of greatness and, hopefully, we wonder how it is possible that it has it …

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Record X-ray burst Science and Technology News (Amazings® / NCYT®)

NASA's NICER (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer) telescope, installed aboard the International Space Station, discovered a sudden spike of X-rays from space on August 20. The eruption was caused by a thermonuclear flash on the surface of a pulsar, the crushed rest of a star that long exploded like a supernova. The X-ray chest, the brightest observed by NICER so …

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Nintendo talks about the relationship between Switch Lite sales rate and Nintendo Switch worldwide – Nintenderos.com

As many of you know, Nintendo recently held a meeting with investors to give a presentation of the company's financial status so far this fiscal year. This time, the company has published a transcript in English of the question and answer session with investors, which we will share when we do the translation. You can find the first question about …

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Huawei Lanza and Peruvian Reloj Watch GT 2 with battery of up to 10 days | Viral | Smartphone | Apps | NNDA | NNRT Tecnología

Actualized on 11/11/2019 a 19:09 Huawei presented new releases Watch GT 2, unavailable electronics that are connected to a battery of large durations. Durante el lanzamiento, también se revelaron may accessor directives and aquellas personas practica de portes en que están en búsqueda de una major calidad de vida. For new equipment available for freeBuds 3, Band 4, Freelace, La …

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Whatsapp | Viral | Update consumes too much battery and so you know | Trick | Smartphone | Apps | Applications | NNDA | NNRT | technique

WhatsApp continues to provide news to all smartphone users. The latest versions of the application not only display the main screen in dark mode, but other options have also been added such as the ability to prevent you from joining a group, new emojis as well as being able to block your conversations with your fingerprint . Given a series …

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