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"Avengers: Infinity War": This was how the tragic moment Spider-Man and Stark [VIDEO] was made | series

Avengers: Infinity War had a tragic release and left traumatized more than a fan of Marvel who participated in the film. In Thanos gets the Angels of Infinity and disappears into the middle of the universe, along with half of Avengers with him.

Spider Man was one of these fallen heroes starred in one of the most rough and hard scenes of Marvel Studios . In this we see how Peter Parker cries in his arms Tony Stark, asks him to help him by repeating "I do not want to leave", finally accept his death and apologize to Iron Man.

Now the same Marvel has shared a series of videos showing many of the main images of Avengers: Infinity War explains the process they used in post-production to create them and that they remain as we watched the cinema.

This specific scene, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. was recorded separately and then collected in post-production. As for Spider-Man it made it possible to make his suit, as in the whole film, and create the effect of lighter dust.

Robert Downey Jr. had to act this scene alone, without seeing Spider-Man saying the last dialogue "I'm Sorry". But the last thought before falling to the floor and disappearing was confirmed by the same directors as an improvisation from Tom Holland, who only learned that day about the fate of his character. 19659006] In addition to this scene, other videos were also shared on the last battle against Thanos, when Thanos received Soul Gem and when he tortured Nebula. In all, you can see stepwise use of VFX by Marvel Studios.

Thanos Gets Soul Save

The Final Battle Against Thanos

Thanos Torture Nebula

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