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Artificial ovaries can help women get pregnant after chemotherapy

An artificial ovarian manufactured in the laboratory can be a great help for women who are at risk of becoming sterile by undergoing cancer treatments or others that affect women's fertility.

A team of researchers in Copenhagen made an artificial ovary with tissue from this body collected prior to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In this way the ovules freeze longer and better, which increases the chance of later reimplanting and leads to a successful pregnancy.

Women who must undergo cancer treatments or others that affect fertility They can already remove ovarian tissue to be frozen. At the end of treatment, the tissue was replanted to allow the woman to normally have children.

For the majority of patients, this procedure is completely safe except in the case of cancer, such as ovarian cancer or leukemia. In the case of reimplantation of tissue, the disease is very likely to return.

Susanne Pors team at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen believes that artificial ovaries are the safest alternative. And it presents the results of research this week in Barcelona at the annual meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Although promising, this technology has only been experienced in laboratory music.

"We had the first evidence that we really managed to keep the ovules. It's an important step," said Susanne Pors The Guardian. "But we still have many years to go before we can carry out a woman." However, the work can take up to 10 years for artificial ovaries that are prepared for a woman's transplant, warned the researcher.

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