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Pepsi may be the first company to use satellite boards

Capitalism is a torment that even the stars cannot defy.

Have you ever looked up into a dark night sky, the stars shine on you as shimmering lights that shine away ebony waves and thought of yourself, "It would be better with a Pepsi logo"? Good Russian company StartRocket has, and it seems as if PepsiCo agrees.

As reported by Futurism PepsiCo has signed up to the first client in the StartRocket's Orbital Display System – a network of satellites designed to light ads down our irreversible society from the sky. The system is still under development, but Russian PepsiCo's Olga Mangova told Futurism that the company "believes [s] in the StartRocket potential".

"Orbital signs are the revolution in the communications market" Mangova.

It looks like an April Fools joke. It sounds like an April Fools joke. But here we are over two weeks before April 1, and both PepsiCo and StartRocket insist that Orbital Display is correct.

According to StartRocket, the 50km 2 system will consist of CubeSats – 10cm 3 satellites weighing about 1.33 kg each commonly used in low orbit. With the help of Mylar sails, it will reflect the sunlight down to starry eyes from its position 400 to 500 km above the earth and place our gods of commercialism in heaven.

And the message that PepsiCo knows is so important that it must be painted over the stars? A "campaign against stereotypes and unfair prejudices against players", in promoting PepsiCo's energy drink Adrenaline Rush. According to Kotaku Adrenaline Rush's ads have called the perception of players as poisonous, immature children "the most unfair stereotype of the century".

I can think of a few less justice but surely.

The online response to inserting ads next to the moon has been less than enthusiastic. Subsequently, PepsiCo has shown itself to renounce the project and told Gizmodo via e-mail that it simply participated in an "investigative test for stratospheric ads with the Adrenaline GameChangers logo".

"This was a one-time event; we have no further plans to test or commercially use this technique at this time."

In response to this, Jon Christian, the author of mirrors Futurism his first report, that PepsiCo supports its initial plans because of the "scared response" of the public. Or, alternatively, he believes that PepsiCo might never have thought the project would go off the ground and simply attach its name to publicity.

Christian further shared a screen shot by StartRocket's first press release where the PepsiCo Adrenaline GameChangers logo "will become the first brand image on the StartRocket orbital display after launch."

StartRocket is currently looking for investments hoping to raise $ 35 million in October this year, with the projected timeline launching the launch of systems in January 2021. Hopefully, we will have much longer than two years to enjoy the stars.

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