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Pepsi is considered defending player with a sign in space

Imagine looking at the calm nostrils and in the foreground of a galaxy of glittering stars, see a confrontation space announcement requiring justice for players. This weekend, the Futurism website reported that PepsiCo recently considered launching an "orbital billboard" in space to promote its campaign "against stereotypes and unfair prejudices against players".

The Russian company StartRocket, which claims it can launch "orbital displays" into space at a 250-mile altitude, is behind this bizarre and invasive foray into space capitalism. Apparently, it will use 30-foot satellite sails as "pixels". It is unclear how StartRocket gets funding or if it is regurgitated science fiction goop complicated in an investor's flypaper. (StartRocket did not return Kotaku 's request for post-comment comments.)

PepsiCo was reportedly using StartRocket's tech to launch an adrenaline rush ad, an energy drink directed at the Russian player. A new YouTube manifesto "-PepsiCo" word, not ours, if the product fights the idea that video games are for children, calls "the most unfair stereotype of the century". A press release for adrenaline rush explains that "time has come for change: It is time to say" Stop "to the disrespect and misunderstanding of the game culture to get rid of unfair stereotypes." The stereotypes in question are obviously that players are poisonous, unemployed children.

Curious and a little (read: extremely) skeptical of the prospects of space signs existing outside anime Cowboy Bebop Kotaku reached out to PepsiCo to confirm that this is true. It is the company that is explained, but their so-called "exploratory test" was a "one-time event".

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