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Penske was told to change the Mustang exhaust, team says

It has happened that the depth of the DJRTP exhaust system has been intensively scrutinized, considering feverly parity speculation, which is further driven by five of the six Mustangs in the field that unlock the top five in yesterday's competition. the system is intentionally heavy to help lower the car's center of gravity without having to rely entirely on the requested, sealed ballast system to reach the 1395 kg limit.

According to a spokespokesman, it had been a system mounted on the car that was heavier than required – but it was removed after Adelaide 500 at the request of Supercars.

Motorsport.com has contacted Supercars for confirmation.

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Of course, the heavier system goes back to the beginning of last season, when the team still ran the FG-X Falcon, was introduced shortly after the use of composite panels was green lit for Ford and Nissan teams.

The rapid re-homologation was due to the introduction of the ZB Commodore, which contained unprecedented use of composites for its bodywork.

There is currently no rule on the center of gravity in the category, which even with the heavier exhaust gas Penske Mustangs is technically not illegal.

However, it is expected that a center of gravity test between a cross section of cars from all three manufacturers will take place as soon as Monday, something that has not yet been confirmed by Supercars. [19659002] Scott McLaughlin is currently unbeaten in the Penske Mustang, which has won all four races in the 2019 season so far.

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