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Paul Manafort imprisoned for trial, judge quotes new barriers to justice charges

WASHINGTON – A federal judge revoked the Paul Manafort sponsorship and sent him to prison on Friday to await trial and quoted new allegations that Mr. Manafort had tried to influence the testimony of two of the government's witnesses after he had been granted the guarantor. 19659002] Mr. Manafort, President Trump's former campaign chairman, had booked a $ 10 million band and was under house arrest while waiting for his speech in September for a variety of fees, including money laundering and fake claims.

But Judge Amy Berman Jackson in the United States District Court of the District of Columbia said Mr. Manafort could not remain free, even under stricter conditions, in front of new felony fees that he had engaged in testifying for manipulation while he was on the shelter. "This is not the middle school," she said during a 90-minute court hearing. "I can not remove his mobile phone."

Mr. Trump, in one tweeted on Friday defended Mr. Manafort and criticized Judge Jackson's action against him, even though he seemed to misunderstand what the judge had done.

Greg D. Andres, a prosecutor of Mr. Mueller's law said that Manafort's efforts were "not random challenges" but part of "a sustainable campaign over a five-week period" death Jackson said she was particularly disturbed that some of the contacts occurred after Mr. Manafort specifically had been ordered by another federal judge to avoid any contacts with witnesses involved in Mr. Mueller's investigation or prosecution for him. The judge monitors a separate case in northern Virginia where Manafort faces additional charges for tax evasion, bank fraud and failure to report foreign bank accounts.

"I have no appetite for this," Judge Jackson told Manafort just before being led out of courtroom to be sent to prison. "I've struggled with this decision."

But she said that although she explicitly ordered Mr. Manafort never to contact any of the 56 witnesses of the government, she could not be sure he should follow. "Will he call the 57th?" She asked. She also believed that she was out of patience with Mr. Manafort's explanations of her behavior and said "continues to be extraordinary here".

Mr. Manafort's lawyers suggested that he had been innocent to his former colleagues without knowing if they had been contacted by Mr.. Mueller laughed. But Mr Andres said that Mr. Manafort just fooled the court, just as he had fooled law enforcement agencies and tax authorities over the years. "It is unthinkable that he did not know they were potential witnesses," he said.

In addition to breaking laws on disclosure of lobbying on behalf of foreign interests, the government has accused Mr. Manafort for washing more than $ 30 million in income he received over a nine-year period for lobbying for Mr. Yanukovych and his political allies.

As proof that Mr. Manafort lobbied in the United States accused prosecutors as evidence of a four-page memo as Mr. Manafort wrote to Yanukovych specifying his campaign to convince members of the Congress, the State Department and the Western News Media that Mr. Yanukovych was a champion of democratic reform. Mr. Yanukovych, elected president in 2010, fled to Russia in 2014.

The government claims that crime is part of a complex financial conspiracy led by Mr. Manafort and assistant by Rick Gates, Vice President of Trumps, and Mr. Manafort's Right Man, Mr. Kilimnik, who has been linked to Russian intelligence.

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