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Patrick Mahome's Injury Response: LeBron James, Russell Wilson, NFL Stars Respond to Chief's Announcement

The sound you hear is ears ears deep in Kansas City, but also around the entire NFL, after the Chiefs saw Patrick Mahomes go down and stay on the ground and hold his knee after a called quarterback sneak against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night football. By squeezing the knee in obvious pain, Mahomes waved the cart – the fact that it was sent out created so much more concern for the situation – and instead limped off the field with the help of medical personnel.

A few minutes into the X-ray room, the bosses were quick to rule Mahomes for the rest of the game . On Friday morning, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that Mahomes really maintained a dislocated kneecap and will have and MRI on Friday . Rapoport added that Mahomes is expected to miss at least three weeks, as the amount of ligament damage eventually achieved will determine the timetable for Mahome's return.

The 24-year-old phenomenon went into Week 7 and struggled against an ankle injury that he made sure to have mostly moved past, given how well he was moving in Denver. Prior to the Chiefs' Thursday night game, however, there was some concern that the ankle injury was not as small as previously reported . The latest knee injury may cost him some time to come.

Of course, that will be determined by the bosses after further evaluation, but that didn't stop the immediate and overwhelming outpouring of support from other franchise vessels, starting with Deshawn Watson of the Houston Texans – who knows about suffering knee injuries from his time he spent on to scratch a broken ACL and twice in his career.

Patrick Mahomes got an ugly injury, so what happens to the Chiefs and QB now? Ryan Wilson, John Breech and Sean Wagner-McGough joined Will Brinson to break everything down. Listen to the player below, and be sure to subscribe here for daily NFL goodness.

Watson and the rest of the NFL collectively hold our breath as we await news of Mahomes' future.

One can only hope that it is not the diagnosis for Mahomes, but Watson's love was followed by a digital hug from Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles – another hit by a broken ACL that ended its 2017 season.

Also count Russell Wilson when it comes to the list of players seeking good news about Mahomes.

LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers three-time NBA champion and four-time league MVP, also took to Twitter to wish Mahomes well.

Reggie Jackson, Hall of Fame baseball player who was nicknamed "Mr. October "for his connections after season performances while winning World Series titles with the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees in the 1970s, sent the following message to Mahomes via social media.

Several of Mahome's teammates also sent his quarterback some positive vibes via social media.

Pro Footbal Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan also tweeted a message in support of Mahomes .

Mahomes took the NFL by storm 2018, after he finally got the reins as starters in Kansas City at the back of his rookie season in 2017. He went on to push up 5,097 passes and 50 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions last season, making him the winning winner of the league MVP awards, following up that campaign with another blazing start before being slowed by the aforementioned ankle injury, but now there is much greater concern for the Chiefs.

About Mahomes miss any significant time they have to attach their Super Bowl hopes to 35-year-old backup Matt Moore, who signed with the club in 2019. Like the rest of the NFL world, we're waiting for Friday's MRT results to provide a clearer schedule for his recovery . But early in the morning we talked to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rodney Brenner who provided a planned route to recovery for Mahomes.

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