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Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Teases Hero 31 – Game Rant

Overwatch added Hero 30, a healer character named Baptiste, back in March. Four months away from Baptist's debut, fans are keen to see what's next for Blizzard's hero-based shooter. The details are still bright at exactly what Hero 31 will mean for Overwatch but in the game's latest developer update, game director Jeff Kaplan muted the new character.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan did not & # 39; It doesn't reveal much about Hero 31, but he revealed a few things about him. For one, Hero 31 will actually be a male character, and secondly, he will not be available as soon as the fans expect. It is unclear what this means, but it seems like a sure bet that Hero 31 will not be in Overwatch until after the summer season breaks up. We would be surprised if Hero 31 wasn't in the game of BlizzCon in November.

When we talked about the summer, Kaplan also touched on the Summer Games season event in 2019. Since its inception, Overwatch Summer Games took place throughout the month of August, but Kaplan said fans can expect it to start earlier this year. Although not confirmed, this seems to suggest that 2019 Overwatch Summer Games will kick in late July.

Kaplan also counted that this year's summer games will contain some new things for players to try. Of course, the standard Lucio Ball is almost certainly back, but it is possible that it can also tweak this time. In the end, interested Overwatch players will just stay tuned to find out more.

More information about 20119 Overwatch Summer Games and Hero 31 should be available in the next few weeks. In the case of Hero 31, there are several theories out there about who the sign might be, but one of the most popular is that Hero 31 is Mauga, a tank class hero associated with the mischievous Talon organization. Mauga has previously seen in Baptist's brief "What you left behind" and given Blizzard's tendency to tease before he officially reveals them, he seems to be a likely candidate for Hero 31.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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