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One white house correspondent leaves the jaw case

To judge by Thursday's events, Mr. Trump decided that inflammatory attacks on news media are the best way to position themselves for re-election. At the meeting with social media activists, Trump laid out a strategy for using media as a foil while walking around to deliver some genuine news.

Sometimes the news seemed to be less important than the drama of delivering it. Mr Trump recalled how he electrified the world in March last year by tweeting that the United States would recognize Israel's sovereignty over the far-questioned Golan Heights – a decision that occurred decades of American politics.

"I go," Look here! "Said the president." I press it, and within two seconds, "We've broken news." "

Journalists were not the only ones surprised by the announcement. That time, blindsided by it.

"It would be a rocket ship when I put a beauty," Trump said of his most burning tweets. This thing was like a rocket. "Mr. Trump seemed to refer to the tweet, early in his administration, when he accused his predecessor, Barack Obama, of throwing their phones at the Trump Tower the month before the 2006 election.

another age.

"You know, I used to post, as a press release. Right? And people would get it, you know. The next day, two days, they would find it sitting on a desk, "he explained." People don't pick it up. It's me, the same. If I put it on social media it is like an explosion. Fox, CNN, crazy, MSNBC. "

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