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One was arrested for allegedly pretending to be parkland shooter to harass victims' families

A California man has been arrested for allegedly harassing the families of Parkland, with the help of sinister messages from social media account names that referenced Nikolas Cruz, the alleged shooter.

Brandon Fleury, a man from Santa Ana , Calif., Was arrested last week and charged with harassment as one count of threatening to a family member of one of the victims of last February's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, BuzzFeed News reported, citing authorities.

Using Instagram accounts featuring Cruz's picture and usernames such as "nikolas.killed.your.sister," "nik.taunts" and "nicolaastester," Fleury allegedly sent threatening and emotionally distressing messages to family members of the Parkland victims who spoke out in support of gun control measures in the weeks and months following the shooting.

"I killed your loved ones hahaha," and "I took Jaime away from you," read some of the messages Fleury allegedly sent through these accounts

At least one of the accounts identified by BuzzFeed as allegedly belonging to Fleury remained active on Instagram Wednesday afternoon. Instagram representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill on the account's status

In court documents posted by BuzzFeed, prosecutors note that Fleury admitted to doing "some stupid shit" on the computer but had maintained that none of his messages were intended as credible threats of violence.

They were "more like taunts," Fleury customs investigators during an interview, according to the court filings.

But when questioned as to whether he could understand why the message of "I am kidnapping you, fool," could be seen as a threat, he reportedly responded: "I guess so," according to the court filings.

He has been reportedly extradited to Florida, where he awaits trial. [1

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