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Officials confirm 1 adult milk case in Utah County, suspected case reported in Wasatch County

PROVO – Utah County Health Officers have confirmed that an unvaccinated adult has contracted honey, according to a Utah County Health Department Wednesday announcement.

Officials did not pass on details of the person. It is the first confirmed case of furrows reported along the Wasatch Front so far this year.

A suspected case of the disease was reported on Wednesday afternoon in Wasatch County, officials said.

The case has not yet been confirmed as ponds, but parents of a fully immunized student at the Old Mill Elementary School reported school officials to the child's situation, according to a press release from the Wasatch County School District.

It is believed that the student may have gotten the disease sometime between May 6 and 1

3, according to the release.

No students are excluded from school from Wednesday, officials said. District personnel monitor the situation and will inform parents and guardians if circumstances change, the press release says.

Jumping is a highly contagious viral disease that includes symptoms such as fever, headache and swelling of the salivary glands according to the release. Fatigue, muscle pain and loss of appetite can also affect dominance patients, officials said.

Symptoms usually occur 16 to 18 days after a person is exposed to the disease, officials said.

The disease spreads through saliva or mucus, as well as objects affected by an infected person, according to the release.

To prevent the disease, people are advised not to share food, drinks or other items that may contain saliva, according to the release. People should also wash their hands frequently, cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces frequently, and getting vaccinated with two doses of the MMR vaccine.

People who get the cum should stay home at least five days after they started experiencing symptoms, according to the release.

"Jumps can be prevented by vaccination. Individuals should review their records and make sure they are updated on all vaccines, including two doses of the MMR vaccine that protects against skin disease," said David Flinders, medical director of Utah County Health. Department, in the release. 19659002] It has previously been reported about an outbreak of hops earlier in Sanpete County. From Wednesday, there have been seven confirmed cases of skin meat in Sanpete County, according to the spokesman for Central Utah Public Health Department Mike Grimlie.

There are still six waiting for suspected cases of debris in the county, Grimlie said. Four cases that were previously suspected as honey were determined not to be the case, he added.

One case of the disease was also reported in St George earlier this year. [19659002] Health managers say that measles is likely to lead to Utah soon. The MMR vaccine also protects against that disease.

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