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Officials: Barricaded murder suspects fights on law enforcement in Panama City, Florida

PANAMA CITY, Fla. A sheriff's spokeswoman in Florida Panhandle says a suspect identified as Kevin Robert Holroyd is barricaded in a Panama City apartment where he has exchanged shooting with law enforcement officers. The 49-year-old is wanted in connection with a murder in Walton County, according to Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Bay County Sheriff spokeswoman Ruth Corley says the merchants tried Tuesday to knock down the door to the apartment, but suspected to have been inside and there was heavy fire. He had barred the door from within, said the sheriff's office.

One person, an EMS worker, was injured when they were beaten by a bullet, the office said.

Bay County Sheriff's Office, Jimmy Stanford, tells the CBS affiliate WECP that the suspect is believed to be the same person for a suspected death in a home in Santa Rosa Beach. Walton County Sheriff confirmed that the incidents were linked and identified the victim in Santa Rosa Beach home as 30-year-old Clinton Street.

Street was shot shot, the post said. The police did not immediately release more information. Santa Rosa Beach is located approximately 40 miles northwest along the Florida coast from Panama City.

The Walton County Police were also in Panama City, where the witnesses told the station that they heard more than 50 shots in the area. A supermarket and nearby schools were evacuated.

Kim Allagood, owner of a nearby pizza restaurant, said the "tone and tone" of the police came down to the area and she locked down the restaurant for almost two hours at occasional shooting.

The Panama City News Herald initially reported that a suspect barred himself inside a bank. A bomb camp was seen at the bank's parking lot. But Lawrence said that the bank is close to the apartment building and it appears that the suspect is restricted to the apartment building.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott talked to Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford about the situation in Panama City. John Tupps, a spokesperson for Scott, said the main point of the call was to offer state law enforcement assistance.

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