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Oculus Mobile Lead Max Cohen leaves Facebook

Oculus VP of Mobile Max Cohen left Facebook this week, according to a LinkedIn page in his name and a report from Variety.

Cohen was one of the longest serving managers at Oculus. He joined in February 2014, a month before Facebook acquired the company. According to the LinkedIn page, Cohen was " Oculus Head of Mobile, Head of Oculus Product for Mobile and Platform, and Head of AR / VR Media Product ".

The first effort Cohen worked on was Gear VR, the first mobile VR headset, created in collaboration with Samsung. Like Google Cardboard and its plastic derivatives, users turn on their smartphone which functions as a monitor and a computer. Unlike cardboard, however, it has a dedicated gyroscope and accelerometer and runs the same Oculus Mobile platform and store as Oculus Go.

At the first Oculus Connect conference, eight months after joining the company, Cohen gave a talk entitled "Getting Started with Gear VR". Next year at Oculus Connect 2, he introduced consumer equipment VR software and content with Peter Koo.

Cohen's LinkedIn profile also states that he led the Oculus Go standalone headset project and started the Oculus Quest space scale standalone project. Cohen seems to have been an important force in Facebook's mobile VR efforts.

"It is an existential crisis for us to make sure we get the right to data management," Cohen once told us about the privacy-related features that Facebook worked with. [19659002] This resignation comes just a week after the final co-founder, Nate Mitchell, left Facebook.

Cohen's LinkedIn page says he is now an "Explorer" who "learns new skills". Regardless of his next move, his work certainly made a mark in the evolution of mobile and standalone virtual reality.

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