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Ocasio-Cortez destroys opportunities for other democrats

Congratulations, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! You just killed 25,000 jobs for city democrats in one of the most racist and ethnically diverse areas in the world!

Congress novel AOC, the thinking party of the Democratic Party, was the loudest and most violent political opponent when Amazon announced that it would build (half of) its second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, promising to create 25,000 jobs and generate about 27 , $ 5 billion in tax revenue over the next 25 years. Amazon employs a number of people from undamaged workers to technical geniuses and would have pumped large amounts of money into the city's economy. It is estimated that the average salary for the New York City labor force would have been $ 1

50,000. Property prices in Long Island City jumped 15 percent since the Amazon announcement in November in November.

But after Amazon left in an anti-valentine to the city on February 14, AOC on Twitter shook that "Daily New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon's corporate greed, its exploitation of workers and the power of the richest man in the world. "

Huh? A survey from Siena this week showed that New York City residents approved the deal by 56 to 33 percent. Democrats Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio pressed hard for the deal. Oh, and it hardly needs to be said that Amazon is a company employed by Democrats. Some 87 percent of their employees' donations went to Dems in the last election. When it comes to the "richest man in the world", Bezos Amazon began to run in his garage. He had a rich building one of the most beloved companies on earth.

Previously, Ocasio-Cortez had opposed the deal by acquiring its peeps to "effectively organize against crawling overreaching by one of the world's largest companies". As a principle, I agree that New York's taxpayers should not subsidize specific tax breaks for companies, especially a behemoth run by the richest man on earth. Amazon does not need a tax break and New York City, as Michael Bloomberg passively put it, is a "luxury good" that simply costs more to be part of Dayton or Oklahoma City.

  Jeff Bezos, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio
Jeff Bezos, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio

But AOC did not even understand the basics of subsidies. She said, "If we were willing to give away $ 3 billion for this deal, we could invest $ 3 billion in our district ourselves if we wanted. We could hire more teachers" etc. But it's not like New York would write Amazon a $ 3 billion check. Most of the money was giving Amazon discounts on its future tax rules, with $ 505 million being allocated as a cash grant that would only be provided if Amazon met certain employment and capital investment benchmarks.

Then Ocasio-Cortez waaaay went beyond the subsidies. She claimed that the neighborhoods she represents near the proposed HQ2 were in a state of "outrageous". She said that Amazon would not get tax breaks "at a time when our subway crumbs and our communities need more investment, no less". But if the financing of the subways is your goal, Amazon would have provided very long-term tax revenue when it was running. And Ocasio-Cortez seemed to believe that the Amazon's job did not count on anything if they did not come from "the existing society" and were unionized.

Both of these ideas are absurd. Amazon would undoubtedly have incorporated some new New Yorkers, but is AOC suggesting that we build a wall around the city to endure filthy outsiders? Much of the city's energy comes from every outsider we continue to attract, such as the Ocasio-Cortez Puerto Rico-born mother.

Regarding AOC's reference to trade unions, it is backward-looking. Non-union Google employs about 7,000 people in New York City and it is expanding. American technical giants are not united. It is one of the reasons why they became giants in the first place. A New York City that demanded jobs would be unions would avert advanced businesses. Anyway, an outpost as large as the proposed Amazon can hardly help expand the opportunity in the neighborhood, for everyone from taxi drivers and sandwich makers all the way up to the income scale. Composite construction workers and building cleaning staff would have benefited.

She also told Amazon's plan of "displacement" and said: "Mixing the working class people out of a society does not improve their quality of life." Yes, who wants to sell their apartment for triple what they paid and move to Fort Lauderdale? A HarrisX survey showed 80 percent of Queens residents and 77 percent of residents of the state Senate district where HQ2 would have been approved by Amazon's bid. AOC pretends to be with the people, while destroying the opportunity for the Democrats.

Kyle Smith is Critic of Greatness at National Review

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